by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S.

June 25, 2018, 2:42 p.m.

A platysmaplasty is also identified as a neck lift. This surgical procedure involves reconstruction and rejuvenation of the neck muscles called platysma.This process is done specifically to rejuvenate both the neck area and below the chin. Whether you're a woman or man, aging of your throat normally starts in your 40s, even once the gravitational forces of nature combined with bodily changes begin becoming more evident. These modifications to your neck area subsequently make an impact on your jawline and profile also can drag down your face, which makes you look more older than you are. To begin with, neck aging is 1 thing which good skin care, diet, or exercise regimes merely won't resolve.
Neck rejuvenation isn't something required in your younger years, therefore it's not surprising that the greatest age group seeking neck lifts are individuals involving 51-64 years, followed by people over 65 that have a developing fascination with all sorts of plastic surgery procedures which may help them maintain a more youthful look. The neck comprises a slender, wide sheet of muscles known as the platysma and it is positioned on each side of the throat. The platysma is divided into two separate and different sides, with the right and left platysma muscle building at the middle of the throat. Overtime, the fibers and tissue which connect the platysma to the overlying skin begin to weaken and lose their elasticity. The connection between the two platysma muscle also separates as the muscles weaken. As the skin and muscle continues to become progressively weaker and more limp, undesirable cosmetic issues begin to grow. This procedure rejuvenates the neck area with minimal scarring. Dr Kassir works with the patient to discover their individual concerns. If you want to eliminate your saggy neck, book your consultation with Dr Kassir today!

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