Chin CoolSculpting

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S. | July 17, 2018, 10:27 a.m.

Chin Augmentation: Get A Razor Sharp Jawline Without Going Under The Knife

Audrey Hepburn’s long, slender neck and sharp jawline have been the envy of the world for decades. The very essence of grace are drawn across the outline of her profile, making her neckline one of the most desirable to replicate. But achieving a distinguished jawline can be nearly impossible with factors that influence the appearance, such as hormonal changes, health conditions and stress.

In these instances, getting rid of fat storage in the chin area requires more than just exercise. But the concept of having the downtime of an invasive treatment like liposuction or the excessive swelling caused by the injectable, Kybella, hold little appeal to those who want a quick way to tighten up their jawline.

CoolSculpting sparked the interest of the beauty world a few years ago through its innovative way of targeting stubborn fat pockets located on various areas of the body, but the fat-freezing treatment has been making its mark as the leading way for diminishing the dreaded double-chin.  

Through cryolipolysis, a process that freezes fat cells without damaging the cell or surrounding tissue. The fat cells are then naturally excreted through the lymphatic system. The CoolMini treatment for the chin region normally is relatively painless (mild discomfort, as the device suctions the skin in as it freezes the area) with no downtime. Redness and numbness in the area is normal, though the redness will dissipate within the day. The numbness may extend for a few weeks after the treatment.

When it comes to results, most patients find they see their desired appearance after 3-4  treatments, but this varies depending on how much fat has accumulated in the area and the skin’s elasticity. This treatment is not for tightening the skin, so patients with sagging should consider alternative treatments for achieving their ideal outcome.

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CoolSculpting: Freeze Away Your Double Chin With The CoolMini

CoolSculpting has become vastly popular over the past few years as a means for targeting stubborn fat pockets that accumulate in various areas of the body. But many do not realize that CoolSculpting has become the leading treatment for targeting that pesky double chin! This noninvasive treatment for targeting submental fat has become the ideal treatment due to the minimal discomfort and zero downtime.

How The CoolMini Treatment Works:

The CoolMini treatment implements cryolipolysis, a process that involves freezing of the fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding area. During the treatment, a device is placed on the target area and the skin is suctioned in. The device distributes an icy blast that freezes the fat cells. The fat cells are then extracted through the lymphatic system.

What To Expect During Treatment:

The CoolSculpting treatment typically lasts 45-60 minutes depending on the extent of the fat storage. During the treatment most patients experience mild discomfort (a cold stinging sensation), but this will subside as the area numbs.

In order to achieve ideal results, most patients find they need to do 3-4 treatments. These results will vary case-by-case, depending on the amount of fat stored in the area.

What To Expect After Treatment:

Numbness and redness after the procedure are normal, though the redness will diminish the day of the treatment. Numbness will gradually subside over a few weeks.

It’s important to note that CoolSculpting for the chin is solely for targeting fat cells in the region and is specific to decreasing a double chin. Please note that skin elasticity will be a factor in your results, as this treatment does not correct sagging skin. An alternative treatment, such as fractional lasering or a K-lift may be a better alternative for regaining a defined jawline.

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