Lateral Brow Lift: Defy Gravity With This Eyebrow Lift

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S. | July 17, 2018, 10:34 a.m.

Like the curtains that drape around the frame of a window, eyebrows similarly are the artistic finish to the eyes. The shape of the eyebrow has the power to transform a person’s appearance significantly. As gravity begins to tug on our face’s decor, we inevitably are faced with one of the tragedies of aging.

Those once beautifully arched eyebrows delicately resting above our eyes have slowly sloped downward at the corners of the eyes and flattened out, revealing the telltale sign of aging, even if your skin isn’t bearing the lines of maturity yet.

Who are ideal candidates for procedure:

The ideal candidate for this procedure tends to be middle-aged or older.  

If you are someone who isn’t predispositioned to expression lines on your forehead or have used fillers to smooth them out, but are experiencing the drooping brow, then a lateral brow lift may be ideal for you.  

What is the procedure:

The procedure specifically targets the brow and temple regions, raising the outer portion and restoring the natural arch of the brow. Because the procedure is not as extensive as a Forehead lift or Forehead rejuvenation procedure, the recovery tends to be significantly faster with minimal bruising and swelling. However, it will not smooth wrinkles at the furrow of the brow or in the central forehead area.

Under general anesthesia, incisions are made along the hairline at the temple region and are between 3-4 cm in length, leaving the scars nearly invisible.

What to expect for recovery:

Because this not as complex as other facial surgeries, the recovery period tends to relatively short. Experiencing a tight sensation in the forehead area is common post-surgery, along with mild discomfort and bruising.

A week after surgery, stitches are removed and you are permitted to start light exercise after two weeks. Patients may start more strenuous activities after 4-6 weeks.

Lateral Brow Lift: A Low Risk Way To Raise Your Brows

The human face is fascinating - even though we all share the same features - eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows - their unique shapes and the way they’re laid out on our faces create a unique identity for each person. In fact, just a slight variance can change one’s appearance dramatically.

As our skin matures, the arch of the eyebrow tend to begin drooping, which may create a flat or even sad expression. This aging issue can be targeted specifically through a lateral brow lift, which is perfect for individuals who have minimal wrinkles in the center of the forehead and furrow of the brow.

Ideal candidates for this procedure tend to be middle-aged or older in healthy, fit conditions with mild to moderate brow sagging.  

Because this procedure is specific to the brow region, it will not smooth forehead wrinkles or lines around the eye like a forehead lift would. However, because this is a targeted area, the recovery time is much shorter and bruising is minimal, so you’re able to return to normal activities sooner. There is also a much lower risk involved with this procedure than others.

While under general anesthesia, small incisions (roughly 3-4 cm long) are placed at the temple along the hairline, so scarring blends in and is nearly invisible. The brow is then elevated back to its natural arch placement, leaving you looking younger and rejuvenated. After a week, the stitches are removed. Within two weeks, light exercise is permitted, while strenuous activities may take place after 4-6 weeks.