Non-surgical vs. Surgical Rhinoplasty

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S. | May 16, 2018, 6 a.m.

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Nonsurgical nose jobs can hide imperfections but cannot reduce the overall size of the nose. A trained plastic surgeon should be used for either procedure and a facetime consult with Kassir Plastic Surgery could help estimate the best option for you.

"They can camouflage imperfections such as a dorsal hump and produce the dorsum appear straight." The results continue on average about six months, however some patients get as much as a year, based on what's already been done.

He said that along with possibly falsifying photos, physicians might attempt to market a patient on the non-surgical route simply as a means to make money. "Often the temptation is to market to a patient only what can be offered rather than what's the most appropriate plan of treatment. It's unfortunate, but it happens. I think that the individual's best bet is to see someone who can provide you both surgical and non-surgical treatments as opposed to another"
However, while this new fad may look like a simple solution, doctors warn it is not all it is cracked up to be, crediting social media as contributing to its prevalence.

He also warns that people need to be wary of the extreme transformation photographs on social networking, even if they have been posted by a physician. "If something appears too good to be true in before-and-after photos, you've got every right to question authenticity," Dr. Cangello explained.

"The filler will spread, as it is similar to a gel rather than a good material.

"It's understandable that not everybody wishes to go under the knife. So filler can be used to fill around the bulge and camouflage its appearance which makes it an alternative for these people," he said.


For all these reasons, Dr. Cangello said he prefers the surgical route, rhinoplasty, for greater outcomes that will persist long term. "People should understand a non-surgical nose job isn't quite as good an alternative as operation, also it has its pitfalls. As time passes, the cost of filler may add up to be a whole lot more than the cost of a rhinoplasty," he said.
While liquid nose jobs are a relatively inexpensive and effortless alternative to surgery, they have some downsides that frequently are not discussed, and Dr. Cangello warns that the procedure shouldn't be used as a long-term remedy.
"I have heard firsthand that some clinicians have made noses bigger than they had been to begin with [in the before photo] by using Photoshop. So their before-and-after pictures show really dramatic improvements. If a nose appears large to begin with, then looks more petite in the after picture, you must beware. While some optical illusion can happen from changing the shape of the nose, then you really can't create a nose appear smaller by adding substance to it," he explained.

Before-and-after photos reveal dramatic results as a result of the quick procedure, which touts zero down time and minimal pain at a much lower price than rhinoplasty.

If you've spent some time on social networking, chances are you've noticed the buzz concerning exactly what many are calling for a "liquid nose job," also called a non-surgical nose job.

"The consequence of inflammation along with the accumulation of filler that propagates throughout the tissue (instead of staying at the place it had been initially put) can lead to thickening of the soft tissue of the nose, which leads to a wider and bulkier appearance,"
"I think that we're made more self-conscious from the frequency with which they take pictures of themselves.

 What people need is to get the overall size of the nose to be diminished, which can not be carried out with fillers. "While fillers are able to make a dorsum go from humped to directly, the overall size of the nose is increased with the addition of filler, when actually the problem is that the nose has to be reduced in size," he said.