Spring Cleaning: It’s Time To Shed The Past

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S. | March 20, 2017, 8:33 a.m.

The sun is beginning to lift its sleepy head earlier, birds are beginning to sing outside our windows, and the fresh scent of Spring is wafting through the air - all the signs for a fresh start to a new season! This is the time to shed some old habits, toss out things that no longer are needed and remove any of the heavy layers that have been weighing us down throughout the winter.

There’s something about the Spring that evokes a need for a fresh start as it begins to blossom. This is an exciting time for many of us, as we begin to evaluate our homes and lifestyles to see what we no longer need. Here are some of the things we’ll be looking to erase from our lives this Spring!

Clothing: It’s easy to let our closets become overcrowded with outfits purchased over the years, but in reality, do we really need all of it still? As we dig through our dressers and closets, it’s easy to discover that a majority of the items invading our space are ones we never even wear. This is the perfect time to try on these lost items, decide if we like them still, and donate the ones we no longer want to a charity, shelter or thrift store. This way you’ll free up some space and give back, as well!

Food: Hibernation season has officially ended today, which means it’s time to check out what we’ve been putting into our bodies. During those chilly months, sometimes it’s easy to slip into the comfort food zone. If you’ve been munching on chips and binging on Ben and Jerry’s like we have, it’s time to put down those calories and switch over to fruits and veggies. And once you get into this healthy habit, you’ll realize that your body only craves the sweet nectar of a ripe peach and the earthy flavor of sauteed veggies.

Clutter: With the busyness of life and an inclination for keeping things for nostalgia or those “just in case” moments, it’s easy to find ourselves buried under stacks of paper and mystery items with which we’ve formed a bond. But this can really hold us back from fully enjoying the burst of energy that comes with this promising season. But harnessing that energy to go through the clutter that has been accumulating is the greatest way to gain a fresh start with this Spring equinox.

Old Memories: Similar to removing the clutter in our lives, old memories can linger and hold us back from beautiful new beginnings. This can be caused by hanging onto items of our exes, grudges that are no longer necessary, and decisions we regret. And sometimes those decisions include permanent reminders, like tattoos. Tattoo removal is one of the many areas that Dr. Kassir can help you clean out old memories and restart fresh. With the power of laser technology, your tattoo (and memory) will slowly fade over the course of 3-10 sessions, depending on the size.