What did Beyonce and Kylie Jenner Have Done?

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S. | Aug. 25, 2014, 5:07 p.m.

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After last night’s VMAs, everyone is buzzing about the celebrities that appeared on stage- from their wardrobe, exceptional talent on stage, to their looks.  


In particular, Beyonce Knowles, and the youngest Kardashian- Kylie Jenner have been popular subjects when it comes to facial plastic surgery.  It is speculated that both celebrities have had plastic surgery procedures in the past- and this is evident when one compares their photos from a couple of years ago, to the most current photos.


There has been much speculation about the surgical procedures that Beyoncé has had done to her face and body. After meticulously examining photos of Beyoncé’s physical changes over the years, we can surmise that she has had multiple nose jobs. Beyonce had a nose job early in her career. Overall, the nose job gave her a much thinner bridge, and a more refined tip. By examining her before photos, you can see that the bridge of her nose and nostrils were wide. People don't seem to notice it until they see her nose up close. Want to see evidence of Beyonce’s nose job (to be technically correct, her alleged nose job). Take a look at these before and after pictures and you can draw your own conclusion…


Kylie Jenner’s lips are also today’s topic of discussion, especially after she posted a “Selfie” her Instagram account. It appears that the youngest Kardashian underwent lip augmentation.  If you compare photos of Kylie Jenner in 2012, to her photos now, it is evident that her lips are bigger. Lip augmentation can be achieved surgically and nonsurgically. Surgical lip augmentation involves procedures like implants, fat transfer and muscle transfer to lips.  Due to her young age, it is safe to say that Kyle had her lips one using dermal fillers- which don't require surgery or downtime, and deliver immediate results!


Patients requesting lip augmentation come from all age groups. Full sensuous lips are a sign of youth and vitality. As we age, lips thin out, and some may have been born with thin lips, and desire a more defined cupid's bow and lip volume. Lip fillers are safe, effective, quick, and they support and shape the tissue of your lips. They are also won’t give give you the “frozen look” that many of us are so apprehensive about, when injected by a board certified plastic surgeon.