Band Aid Lift™ before image 1


Band Aid Lift™ after image 1

After Band Aid Lift by Dr. Ramtin Kassir

Band Aid Lift™, which may be an ideal solution for baby boomers, who are just starting to see the effects of aging. Its benefits are lower cost, shorter surgical time, quicker recovery, and excellent results. The shortened procedure and recovery time are ideal for patients looking for a more youthful appearance without the downtime of traditional lifts. Now we can perform these lifts in as little as two visits, and patients can resume normal activity in a few days. The Band Aid Facelift™ is performed through small incisions, which may be covered with a bandaid, hence the name Band Aid Facelift™. The incisions may be place under the chin, above the ears or behind the ears, depending on the problem areas you wish to target. The Band Aid Facelift™ carries fewer risks than the traditional facelift while offering a refreshed, younger appearance. Summary: Band Aid Brow Forehead Lift is getting more and more popular. Band Aid Face-Lift, is a simple nip & tuck. Bandaid Mini-Facelift images for Band Aid Lift and band aid facelift can be found here.

I was always very self-conscious of my chin and since my procedure I finally feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. I love my chin because it looks natural and no one would ever know.

– Anonymous

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