After Revision Rhytidectomy (Revision Face Lift) by Dr. Ramtin Kassir

This 68 -year-old patient had a previous Full Facelift, but aging skin began to make its appearance again, and she was incredibly frustrated by it. So, she contacted Dr. Kassir to have him take a look at her skin’s condition in order to deduce what tweaks were needed to gain back her youthful appearance. It’s important to note that, although Full Facelifts (along with Band Aid Facelifts and Non-invasive Facelifts, like the K-lift) are incredibly effective procedures for reversing the appearance of aging, they, like all good things, do not last forever. This is where revision Facelifts come in. Typically one won’t need a revision Facelift until nearly 7-10 years after a Facelift procedure. This patient’s revision facelift smoothed the crinkling skin on her cheeks, redefined her neck area and created a sleeker, jawline by tightening her skin through incisions made near the ear area and along the hairline, so scarring fades to nearly invisible over time.

"Update: Swelling is going down and I'm loving it!"

– Anonymous

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