After Face lift and Eyelid surgery by Dr. Ramtin Kassir

This 60 -year-old patient had a beautiful, youthful glow to her skin, but she began noticing the lines on her forehead growing deeper and the lids of her eyes sleepily drooping...even after a few cups of coffee. So, she decided it was time to turn back the hands of time by consulting Dr. Kassir about a facelift. She expressed interest in a full facelift to target the deepening lines around her mouth, the jowls of her neck, and the lines around her eyes. Because she decided to combine a full facelift with an eyelid lift, she lowered the overall cost and reduced her recovery time while gaining the additional benefits from doing the two lifts at the same time. By repositioning the muscles and tissue in the cheek region during her facelift, he lifted and tightened the sagging skin that was forming a permanent frown. Her jawline now reflected the streamline, defined one of her younger years complimented by the firm, smooth surface of her neck. The eyelid lift created a brighter, alert appearance to her eyes and exposed more of the lid, once covered by the drooping skin from her brow. The eyelid lift also caused the lines beneath her eyes to practically vanish completely. The lid lift also relaxed the expression lines on her face, erasing years off her face and boosting her confidence dramatically.

I wanted to find a surgeon that would make alterations to my nose look natural, leaving me with an overall better facial appearance. I found that surgeon- Dr. Ramtin Kassir. Dr. Kassir is not only a master of his craft, but also is an overall great guy, a true gentleman. Plus he also has a fun-loving personality which makes everyone around him feel at ease. To me, this is the perfect combination for a surgeon to have, because it makes a patient feel comfortable and confident.

– Anonymous

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