After Mini Rhytidectomy (Face Lift) by Dr. Kassir


After Rhytidectomy (Face Lift) by Dr. Kassir

This 58 -year-old woman couldn’t help but feel that the sagging in her neck caused her to look older. Because of this, she felt self-conscious and wanted the elegant jawline of her youth back. After analyzing the condition of her skin and her age, Dr. Kassir suggested that the Band Aid Facelift would be the perfect solution to her concerns. The sagging of the jowls due to fat storage and loosened skin was the main target area, along with tightening the loose skin hanging from the neck line. The fact that the Band Aid Facelift is referred to as the 1-hour facelift isn’t the only draw to the technique. It also uses smaller incisions and is less invasive (incision marks being small enough to be covered by a band aid), so the recovery time and healing process are decreased significantly from that of the much more involved Full Facelift. Ideal candidates are ones who find their skin is showing visible signs of aging, but not to the extent where a full facelift would be mandatory. If you feel your skin isn’t showing extensive signs of aging or are concerned about going under the knife, a non-invasive K-lift or alternative skin tightening treatment like fractional lasering may be alternatives to consider.

"Still love my nose, 8 months out!"

– Greenan , Rachel

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