Facelift before image 1


Facelift after image 1

After Rhytidectomy (Face Lift) by Dr. Kassir

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Facelift after image 2

After Mini Rhytidectomy (Face Lift) by Dr. Kassir

This 50 -year-old patient was frustrated by the sagging of her jawline, especially because the upper third of her face looked young and showed very little signs of aging. She also noticed that the youthful glow her skin once held was dull and muted. Dr. Kassir examined her skin and determined she would be an ideal candidate for a mini facelift (or Band Aid Facelift). He also recommended a treatment for skin resurfacing in order to achieve brighter, healthier looking skin. He corrected the sagging of her jowls by removing the excess fat and tissue, repositioning the muscles and removing the excess skin. The patient underwent a Band Aid Facelift, which involves small incisions under the chin, or above or below the ears, depending on the target area. It mainly targets the lower region of the face and is ideal for women and men who notice excessive drooping of the jowls, deep smile lines and sagging skin and excess fat around the chin and neck area. If you’re not quite sure whether a Band Aid Facelift or Full Facelift is right for you, please feel free to reach out to info@drkassir.com or call one of our offices at 201-288-3000 (NYC), 201-857-2370 (Ridgewood), or 973-692-9300 (Wayne) to set up a consultation.

"I feel so confident with my new nose! Thank you so much for making it perfect!"

– Lucero, Mariah

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