After Rhytidectomy (Face Lift) and fat transfer by Dr. Ramtin Kassir

This 65 -year-old patient didn’t have extensive signs of aging in her brow and forehead region, but her neckline was beginning to reveal the burden of aging. As gravity took a toll on her neckline, she knew she needed to do something in order to gain back her confidence. Her main goal was to have a facelift in order to restore the look of elasticity back to her neck and regain a defined jawline by removing excess fat forming the jowls and tightening up the hanging skin. After meeting with Dr. Kassir, they also agreed on a fat transfer to lift and restore dimension to the cheekbone area. This restores a more youthful, full appearance to the face that is lost when the collagen breaks down as we age. During the recovery process, one should keep activities and movement to a minimal for the first week or two. During this time, it’s important that a few days after surgery you walk around throughout the day in order to prevent clots from occurring and stimulate circulation. Visible bruising and swelling, along with numbness in targeted areas is common for facelift patients to experience over the course of the first month. Though these will minish by 4-6 weeks, the healing process can range anywhere between 1 month to 4 months.

"I can't believe my nose use to look like this!"

– Saenz, Andrew

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