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Fractional Laser after image 1

three weeks after facelift and full face laser

This 77-year-old patient noticed the wrinkling of her skin was continuing to weave its way along the sides of her cheeks and stretching alongside the bridge of her nose. She also noticed two lines of skin pinched along her neckline and jowls drooping along her jawline. She decided to contact Dr. Kassir in order to discuss treatment options for her skin concerns. Because her main concerns were in the lower half of her face, a full facelift paired with a full face laser treatment was recommended to achieve her desired result. Full face laser treatments are used to erase sun damage and acne scarring, improve skin texture and pigmentation and significantly diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Scabbing will occur, so often many patients take about a week to recover before returning to work. This is why combining facelifts and other treatments, since the recovery time is similar, saving them time and money on overall costs.

"No filter, just a perfect nose from a perfect doctor!"

– Haddad, Amanda

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