Before HCG Diet

After 30 Days of HCG Diet (lost 30Lb. in 30 days)

Patient came to see Dr. Kassir because of snoring at night. Dr. Kassir felt that this was due to his weight and advised him to lose weight. He was placed on the HCG diet and lost 30 lbs of weight in 30 days. Dr. Kassir finds that very often patients with snoring issues have them due to their weight. Most patients can come off CPAP once they are back to a healthy weight. HCG is one of the most popular HCG Diets and is sold in 11 countries due to proven results! On average you can lose 1-2 pounds a day. This product acts fast and helps lose weight the natural way. Enjoy a thinner looking you in no time. HCG can be found in human body itself? It’s a natural hormone that works well toward excess fat loss. This hormone burns down the bad fat to supply nutrients and energy to your body. HCG weight loss treatment is not new; instead, it is an old method that came into notice in the year 1950.

Looking at my new nose for the first time was such an overwhelming and joyous experience for me that I cried. I've always wanted to 'fix' my nose since I was a teenager, I always hated taking pictures and the first thing I always looked at when I met someone was their nose. Dr. Kassir has helped me in more ways than he can imagine! I'm so blessed to have found such an amazing doctor who is not only knowledgeable but is artistic and really takes the time to match your new nose to the features of your face. I feel like 100 pounds have been lifted off my shoulders. I now finally will never have to worry about how I'm going to style my hair to hide my profile and that's just the honest truth. Another plus is that I can finally breath correctly out of my nose, too! Thank you again Dr. Kassir, you are truly talented and very much appreciated.

– Anonymous

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