After 40 days of HCG diet by Dr. Ramtin Kassir (lost 30Lb. in 40 days)

Patient had a long history of snoring with sleep apnea. His wife noticed that he snored very badly and stopped breathing on multiple occasions. He always felt tired when he woke in the morning and found himself falling asleep on many occasions throughout the day. He came to see Dr. Kassir and was told that he needed to lose weight. He was placed on the HCG diet and lost 30 lbs in 40 days. He now says he has more energy than he has ever felt. His snoring has completely stopped and he feels great. Overall he is extremely happy and proud of the weight he has lost. The HCG Diet is a physician supervised weight loss program that can help shed 1 to 3 lbs per day by modifying their metabolism and eating habits for long term results. HCG (Human Choriogonadotropin) is a hormone that is injected daily (or taken orally with under-the tongue drops), accompanied by a VLCD (very low calorie diet of approximately 500 calories). Each course of treatment consists of a minimum 26 days, with 23 of those days requiring a daily dose of HCG, either through injections or under-the-tongue drops. Summary. Call Mona Lisa Cosmetic Surgery center to find out about HCG diet, hcg diet plan, hCG Meal Plan, or about the Oral HCG Diet Drops Plan. What you Need to know about the hCG Diet Plan. Ask us how HCG Diet Plan Works. News for hcg diet plan can be found

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