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After Non Surgical revision Nose Job by Dr. Ramtin Kassir

This is Jacqueline Laurita from the Real Housewives of NJ. She has had a rhinoplasty before by another surgeon and didn't like the "scooped out" look on the profile view, especially when she was being filmed while driving. Since she has many media events she never has time for a surgical revision, we did non- surgical rejuvenation to her nose by adding an injectable filler. The total procedure only took 5 minutes. You can see that the nose has a more triangular, straight appearance, and does not give that scooped out or "operated on" look. The product we used was Restylane and will last about 6 months to 1 year. Nonsurgical nosejob: The Non-Surgical 10 minute Nose Job, is a simple no down time technique to change the shape of your nose. Dr. Kassir will inject a precise amount of a filler substance (Restylane, Perlane, or Radiesse) in your nose to smooth a bump, dents, deviations, raise the tip of your nose, or make it more symmetric. The procedure is done using numbing cream, takes 10-15 minutes, with virtually little or no pain, bruising or swelling. You can return to your work or social life immediately with instantaneous results. Radiesse is an FDA approved filler substance. Summary: Non surgical nose jobs are now possible. non surgical nose jobs are done in nj. Injectable fillers can help the look of your nose. For a non surgical nose job expert in nj call Mona Lisa Cosmetic Surgery Center. A non surgical nose job has almost no downtime. A non surgical nose job costs much less than surgery. Radiesse rhinoplasty can give you new nose in no time.

"Thank you for making me look so good today on my 65th birthday!"

– Anonymous

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