5 minutes after injection of filler to face by Dr. Ramtin Kassir

Facial fillers are now our answer to preventive skin maintenance. Not only do they plump up your skin, they can also help to increase your own natural production of collagen. So over time, you begin to produce more collagen that can lead to more elasticity in your skin. It’s all about lifting and filling in all of the facial areas that are heading south due to the aging process. In addition, fillers are made from hyaluronic acids; these are non-foreign to our system, hypo-allergenic, and they can help rebuild and maintain a younger looking complexion.

I just had a nose job two weeks ago and I can already go out and am so happy with the results! I never wore sunglasses because I was self conscious of my nose but after the surgery as soon as I could go out of the house (about 5 days later) I bought myself a very nice pair of sunglasses!

– Anonymous

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