14 days after Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr.Ramtin Kassir

This patient had nose surgery 20 years ago. Her nose collapsed after surgery. This is a classic example of nasal valve collapse; when she tries to breathe her nostrils collapse and prevent airflow through the nose. As you can see it's also crooked and deformed. She couldn't breathe out of her nose at all and also hated the way it looked. She had cartilage grafts placed to straighten her nose and reestablish her nasal valves and nostrils so she could breathe better. Note on the base view her nostrils are wide open and more oval shaped as compared to the before picture. This picture is 2 weeks after surgery and she can breathe normally now and loves the way it looks. Summary: revision rhinoplasty nj; spreader grafts, alar batten grafts, lateral crural strut grafts, crushed cartilage grafts, valve collapse, caudal extention grafts, valve collapse, valve collapse nose, nasal valve collapse, valve collapse after rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty cost, rhinoplasty recovery

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