Asian Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kassir is a leading surgeon for Asian rhinoplasty. Dr. Kassir's approach involves reducing the nostrils, reducing the width of the nose, and increasing the height of the bridge. He specializes in techniques that ensure quick recovery and few complications.

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What is Asian Rhinoplasty?

The Asian facial anatomy traditionally differs in size, shape, skin texture or thickness, structure and appearance from other ethnic groups. These appearances might be slight to the untrained eye, however these variances are extremely important when it comes to rhinoplasty or nose surgery for Asian patients.  

Asian rhinoplasty is considerably different because Asian noses have different attributes (thicker, more sebaceous skin, flatter bridge, wider nostrils) than Caucasian noses. Dr. Kassir's specialized Asian rhinoplasty procedures typically focus on augmentation as opposed to reduction. Traditionally, Asian noses have flat bridges, sometimes with less definition and wider nostrils. They may also have a minimal tip. Most Asian patients wish to enhance their nose symmetry, while creating a more defined, stronger bridge and tip. Many Asian patients also wish to decrease the size of their nostrils, which can also be done through surgery. Dr. Kassir has performed over 8,000 rhinoplasties with patients from over 199 countries; making him an international expert in ethnic rhinoplasty. 

What Can an Asian Rhinoplasty do?
An ethnic nose job can contour the nasal bridge and reduce the size of the nose or nostrils to improve the overall appearance of the nose. Dr. Kassir's Asian rhinoplasty technique involves adding dimension to the nasal bridge through the use of a cartilage or bone graft to produce a stronger nose. This enhancement can make the face appear to be more defined. We perform Asian rhinoplasties in New Jersey clinics.

Asian rhinoplasty can correct:

  • Wider nasal bridges
  • Flat nasal bridge
  • Thick, sebacious skin
  • Wider, more bulbous nasal tips
  • Wider nostrils
  • Thicker soft tissue overlying the nasal tip
  • Softer cartilage
  • Nasal tips that appears to droop

What are the various alterations for Asian rhinoplasty?

Alar Base Reduction
Dr. Kassir assess patients to determine if they have a larger than a 2 mm width of the nostril base to the middle (see by looking up nose) for an alar base resection. For those that have larger nostrils, a nortil resection will be more effective. 

Nasal Tip Narrowing
A bulbous tip in Asian patients signifies thick skin and weak tip cartilage. Dr. Kassir uses a special techqniue to suture the tip to enhance its definition and tighten the overlying skin flap. A graft can also be considered but it not always needed due to the exclusive techniques used by Dr. Kassir.

Nasal Tip Projection
In order to improve the nasal tip to make it more prominent, Dr. Kassir can use a natural graft from the nose itself, ear, or rib to develop tip projection in the nose in addition to the above procedures. A graft can be used in the nasal tip to create greater projection and combat a flat or downturned appearance. 

Dorsal Projection/Nasal Bridge
Asian rhinoplasty patients typically require added height to the dorsum. This can be done in combination with the nasal tip projection using a graft from the nose, ear, or rib to create a more defined nose that appears to be balanced with the face. 


What Does an Asian Rhinoplasty Cost?

The average cost of an Asian rhinoplasty can range upwards of $15,000, depending on what work needs to be done and the level of the surgery. Many of our patients can find out if our credit providers cover the procedure during the consult. Our cosmetic coordinator will apply with you (this does not affect your credit score); and see what will be covered. We offer payment periods ranging from 6-12 months for our patients. Typically, a range of credit scores are accepted so we suggest booking a consult to see if the remaining amount of the procedure can be covered. Having a summer job or saving for the procedure is also an option. Having more than one procedure done will provide additional savings and reduce the need for multiple OR/anesthesia fees.

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