Corner Mouth Lift

Dr. Kassir is a top corner mouth lift surgeon in NJ and NYC.

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“Thank you Dr. Kassir for my amazing nose and the most painless recovery .I am so beyond thankful for picking such an amazing surgeon to perform my THIRD surgery!"

— Gill, Paige, March 30, 2020


Thousands of women feel unsatisfied with their “resting face;” the lax appearance of the face when not smiling, often resulting in a down turned appearance of the mouth. Others are unsatisfied with the look of their smile, as it may turn downward, rather than upward. 

What is a Corner Mouth Lift?

The Corner Mouth Lift, or Smile Lift is a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Kassir that involves making incisions to each side of the mouth under local anesthesia. The corners of the mouth are pulled slightly upward, resulting in a more rested appearance. The sitches are removed within 5 days and there is little to no down time.

A corner mouth lift, or smile lift, is most popular in South Korea. The procedure corrects downturned smiles and an unsatisfying resting face. A corner mouth lift results in fuller looking lips, more gum coverage and a smiling resting face. However, the results of a corner mouth lift can also be accomplished through a temporary nonsurgical fix with the use of Botox.


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