Dark Circles Treatment

Dr. Kassir offers the latest non-surgical treatments for dark circles.

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About Dark Circles Treatment

by Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S. | Learn More About Dr. Kassir

There are a number of causes for dark circles under the eyes, and therefore, there is a different treatment for each cause. Dr. Kassir offers the latest non-surgical treatments for dark circles under the eyes. Causes of dark circles range from thin skin, fat bulges, anatomy, skin type, pigmentation and hollowness. Depending on the cause; treatments range from the latest injectable fillers to chemical peels, and lasers. Lasers like Erbium or Cool laser help treat dark circles under the eyes. Under eye skin is very delicate, and patients are encouraged to select a board certified plastic surgeon to avoid complications and obtain optimal results.


Dark Circles Treatment: Questions & Answers

Will I bruise after treatment with fillers?

when injected properly by a board certified plastic surgeon, injectable dermal fillers are safe and effective in treating under eye bags. It is important to choose a top injector with specific techniques to avoid complications, and bruising and swelling. As you can see in this video, Dr. Kassir injects through the mouth. This technique is comfortable for the patient, it doesn’t cause bruising, or leave any marks on the skin at injection sites.

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