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The HCG Diet is a physician supervised weight loss program that can help shed 1 to 3 lbs per day by modifying their metabolism and eating habits for long term results.

HCG (Human Choriogonadotropin) is a hormone that is injected daily (or taken orally with under-the tongue drops), accompanied by a VLCD (very low calorie diet of approximately 500 calories).

Each course of treatment consists of a minimum 26 days, with 23 of those days requiring a daily dose of HCG, either through injections or under-the-tongue drops. Treatment can last as long as 43 days (with as many as 40 injections), unless a patient is able to lose 34 to 40 pounds before the allotted time has passed. Patients will not receive HCG injections for the last three days of treatment so the hormone can cycle completely out of their bodies before they resume a normal diet. (It also takes about three days for HCG's effects to "kick in.")

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HCG Diet Questions & Answers

Will I gain the weight back once I discontinue treatment?

Some degree of moderation in eating will be necessary due to the tendency to gain weight after any type of weight loss program. However, stability of normal weight is relatively easy because the weight loss is from stored fat and not structural fat.

How much weight can I expect to lose on this program?

That will depend on your starting point. People with more weight to lose will experience a greater loss. On average, Dr. Kassir’s patients lose around 15 to 40 lbs. per month.

How does HCG work?

HCG along with the Modified Simeon Diet causes your hypothalamus to mobilize fat from your abnormal fat cells to make it available for use. While you are only taking in ~500 calories, your hypothalamus is continually releasing the fat stored in your body. It maintains a normal basal metabolic rate and resets the hypothalamus to prevent future regain.

How do I take the HCG?

The HGC is taken in the form of sublingual drops. The drops are placed under the tongue twice a day (morning and afternoon). It can also be injected daily.

Who is a candidate for the HCG Diet?

Most men and women can use the HCG diet. It is recommended that you coordinate with Dr. Kassir concerning your weight loss, along with the appropriate implementation of the HCG protocol.

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