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Are fillers not adding enough volume to your lips? Dr. Kassir's Designer Lip Lift in NYC and NJ works brilliantly to reshape and add volume to lips. 

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" I love my nose so much- I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. Thank you so much"

— Anonymous, March 29, 2019


Designer Lip Lift, is an in-office awake procedure that involves making a small incision below the nose to reduce the length of skin above the lip. This Lip Lift is able to redefine the face completely because Dr. Kassir is a leading facial plastic surgeon. A shortened upper lip length can be a sign of youth and attractiveness. 

Reasons to Consider A Lip Lift

While there are many reasons to consider a Lip Lift in New Jersey, below are the main concerns patients have before seeking this option. A lip lift can be done on both younger and older patients to enhance the natural pout and overall aesthetic of their face.

• Thinning of the lip vermillion
• Fine lines and wrinkles in the lip area
• Drooping of the nasal tip
• Reduction of bony support of the upper maxilla
• Reduction of the columella-labial angle
• Reduction of the lip's natural pout
• Lengthening of the upper lip

What to Know Before Having A Lip Lift

• A lip lift increases the overall surface of the lip

•It is a great alternative to having lip fillers or when lip fillers do not work

• A 1.8 cm distance or longer between the nose to the upper lip is a sign that a lip lift may be beneficial 

• It takes 5-7 days to fully recover but for extended protection, we recommend adding antiaging treatment after surgery.

• After 5 days, the sutures are removed in our clinic.

• A strip of skin is excised from under the nose in a specific shape (bullhorn or gull-wing) to enhance the natural shape of the nose

• It can help show your upper teeth more when smiling and resting to enhance the feminine features of the face.

• Ask your plastic surgeon during the consult about before/afters, facial plastic surgeon board certification, number of procedures done, and experience/training for the procedure.

Types of Lip Lift

The technique used in a lip lift (lip augmentation) procedure may vary depending on the target area and the dimensions of the individual’s face. There are three main techniques used by surgeons for a lip lift (lip augmentation).

Bull Horn Lip Lift: A small incision is made directly under the columella, then a strip of skin and tissue (in the shape that resembles a bull’s horn) is removed. This lifts the left, middle and right portions of the upper lip.

Gull Whip Lip Lift: A small strip of skin located right about the cupid’s bow is removed, exposing the pink flesh underneath and expanding the dimensions of the lip. Though this technique can be performed to meet specific needs, it is not the most popular as visible scarring on the surface of the lips commonly occurs.

Italian Lip Lift: Instead of one continuous incision, two small individual incisions are made directly underneath each nostril. A small portion from the central area under each nostril is then removed in order to lift the middle region of the lip to create a fuller pout.

Though these surgical techniques vary, each of these lip lift styles solely target the upper lip area, leaving the corners of the mouth untouched. If you find that you are noticing drooping or a frowning occurring at the corners of your lips, a Corner Lip Lift is your ideal remedy. A corner lip lift involves heart-shaped or triangular incisions are created around the side and above the corners of the lips. This lifts them to form a more pleasant resting face.


Lip Lift Fully Explained

A lip lift (or subnasal lift) requires a preparatory consult and local anesthesia. This is suggested for patients with an upper lip length of 1.8cm or more; with an optimal measurement ~1.1cm. For optimal results, expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kassir marks the upper lip area for the site of the incisions based on the golden ratio. An artistic eye is needed for this procedure to ensure the lip meets both the desired and proportionate results of the patient. A lip lift takes about 30 minutes but this time may vary depending on many factors.

A lip lift (or lip augmentation) is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made either underneath the columella (the area of skin and tissue between the nostrils) or along the upper lip line where the philtrum is situated. A small strip of skin is then removed in order to lift the upper lip and expose the pink flesh underneath, creating a natural and fuller, more youthful appearance to the mouth.

Dr. Kassir will hold an initial consultation in order to evaluate the proportions of the face, the target area and the dimensions of the lip region. He will then gauge the type of technique appropriate for achieving the desired result.


Most lip lift scars will fade over time but we do offer cream, laser treatment, injections, and dermabrasion in the case that the scar does not fade. During the first 72 hours after the lip lift; there is slight swelling that can be reduced with our exclusive post-operation lip lift healing kits including a custom cold compress sized for the upper lip area. Bruising will fade over the week and pain can be managed with either pain medication that is prescribed or over the counter. While there will be some numbness after the procedure, the results will be seen immediately after and after the stitches are removed.

Recovery Process

The recovery process varies from individual to individual, depending on how quickly their body recovers. Typically, patients will experience swelling, stiffness and discomfort around the mouth for the first 48 hours. These symptoms will gradually diminish over the next 7-10 days after surgery. In order to make the recovery process easier, Dr. Kassir provides clear and concise instructions for post-recovery and also will prescribe medications to alleviate discomfort and assist in healing.


The ideal candidate is someone whose space between their nose and mouth exceeds 1.8 cm. Because the procedure involves decreasing the space between this area to achieve a lifted lip, the results for these individuals will be dramatic. For those whose range is closer to 1.8 cm, they will see a difference, but it will not be as significant.

Often, patients will pair this procedure with microdermabrasion in order to smooth and soften any appearance of lip lines, leaving them with a healthy, youthful-looking pout.

A lip lift can be covered by Care Credit and/or Alpheon. To begin the process, schedule a consult today.


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