Persian Rhinoplasty

What if your face was your only fashion statement? Your best accessory might be your nose. That is the case in Iran, which has been called the "nose job capital of the world". 

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"I now have a natural-looking nose that blends with the rest of my facial features. This is the nose I was supposed to be born with."

— Hispanic Rhinoplasty Patient, 2014, July 25, 2014


Rhinoplasty rates have been rising dramatically in the Islamic republic. There is no stigma. In fact, many women openly wear "bandages of honor" on their noses to show they've had the operation. In Iran, women's bodies and hair are largely kept covered by a hijab, or head scarf, and in some cases, a chador, a large shawl to cover the body. Instead of clothing and cosmetics, Iranian women spend their money on tweaking what people can see. Iranian women are also influenced by images of Western culture and Hollywood, where smaller noses are considered beautiful. The ethnic Persian nose is out of vogue.

Young women in Iran, some as young as 14, are having cosmetic surgery in the hope of attaining the Hollywood 'doll face'. Iran has been named the nose job capital of the world - with seven times more operations carried out there than in America-despite the high cost of the surgery. The reasons behind the surgery include self-esteem and marriageability, as well as medical issues and the fact that some women in the country find the Islamic practice of the hijab so limiting when it comes to beauty.

What is a Persian Rhinoplasty?

The goal is not to make an Persians look Caucasian. Dr. Kassir recognizes the ethnic features that make that person unique and improves the nose to create a better balanced, natural appearance. The nasal proportion guidelines that plastic surgeons in North America are taught have not, traditionally, taken different ethnicities into account. Therefore Dr. Kassir has learned and mastered techniques to recognize and accommodate ethnic features in order to achieve a result that retains the patient's ethnicity. He operates in the middle east every year and has broad experience with middle eastern noses (Persian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian, Syrian, Israeli, Iraqi, and Turkish). Dr. Kassir has performed over 8,000 rhinoplasties with patients from over 199 countries, making him in international expert in rhinoplasty. It is important that patients do research and choose their surgeon carefully to ensure the safest and best possible outcome which looks natural. Dr. Kassir's ethnicity preservation focuses on improving the nose, while still preserving cultural aspects. 

What can a Persian Rhinoplasty Correct?

Most Persian patients wish to reduce the size of their nose, as well as a dorsal hump. This can promote better harmony amongst the other facial features. 

A Persian rhinoplasty corrects:

  • Dorsal hump
  • Downturned nasal tip
  • Asymmetry of bridge or nostrils
  • Bolbous nasal tip
  • Overprojected tip
  • High nasal bridge

Persian rhinoplasties by Dr. Kassir typically focus on reducing the overall size of the nose, as well as a common dorsal hump. Dr. Kassir also corrects any asymmetry that is present so the result consists of a straight nasal bridge. To best refine and contour the nasal tip, a graft from rib or ear cartilage is sometimes used, depending on the individual patient. Each rhinoplasty varies from the next, so Dr. Kassir tailors the surgery to each patient's specific aesthetic goals accordingly. 

Are Rhinoplasties Safe? 
Persian rhinoplasties performed by Dr. Kassir have the lowest complication and revision rates. You can see from hundreds of our 5-star reviews and thousands of before and afters that our center provides the safest and most pain-free recovery in the U.S. for rhinoplasties. Dr. Kassir also fixes many "botched" Persian rhinoplasties, which is why it's important to book by experience and not price to ensure the best possible results. 

Dr. Kassir is an international expert and top Persian rhinoplasty surgeon in New Jersey. Having done thousands of rhinoplasty procedures, Dr. Kassir has perfected the technique to produce beautiful, natural results on his Persian patients. Book a consultation in NJ today to get digitally edited photos to see how you will look after your surgery. Our consults can also provide a quote and help see if additional no-interest financing options can cover you (with no impact to your credit score).

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