PRP Therapy for Hairloss

Are you not ready for a hair transplant? Are your hair treatments not working? At Kassir Hair Restoration Institute, Dr.Kassir uses his 22 years of experience in hair transplants to bring you a proven K-Restore PRP for hairloss in New Jersey.

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"Thank you Dr. Kassir, my nose looks better than I ever imagined. You fixed what I let someone else destroy over 4 years ago"

— Anonymous, Sept. 4, 2019


Are you not ready for a hair transplant? Are your hair treatments not working? At Kassir Hair Restoration Institute, Dr. Kassir uses his 22 years of experience in hair transplants to bring you a proven hair restoration treatment.

PRP hair loss treatment by Dr. Kassir in New Jersey is a newly proven procedure to regrow and develop new hair follicles. Even if you have had a hair transplant, PRP can be added to enhance and add more hair follicles in the area. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical, no downtime procedure injected using the K-Restore approach exclusively at Kassir Plastic Surgery.Dr. Kassir performs PRP for hair loss in New Jersey and PRP for hair loss in New Jersey. PRP in NJ for hair growth are Kassir Hair Restoration Institute is one of our most popular procedures second to FUE hair restoration.

K-Restore Exclusively At Kassir Plastic Surgery
Dr. Kassir draws your blood from the arm and centrifuges it to separate the PRP from the rest of the blood. Platelets in this mixture are 3x more concentrated and are then injected into the scalp. This can be done in combination with micro needling. A strong numbing cream is used in the scalp so you do not feel the procedure at all. Dr. Kassir's K-Restore technique increases the overall insertion of the PRP fluid into the scalp so that you benefit extensively from just one session. Our K-Restore technique allows hair follicles to become permanently formed and also prevent future hair loss.

Hair Transplant vs. PRP
If you can't do a hair transplant, the best solution is PRP. PRP can be used for patients with androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, medication-induced hair loss, and disease-induced hair loss. Hair transplants have a longer recovery time, cost more, and require thousands of singular follicle inserts. PRP is more cost-effective, stimulates new hair follicle growth, and is 100% pain-free. If you are not ready for a hair transplant, consider having a session of PRP first.

How K-Restore PRP Hair Loss Therapy Works
Platelets in PRP can increase the growth of new hair follicles and inactive hair follicles. Platelets contain a form of sugar, enzymes that break down proteins, and clotting/growth factors that stimulate hair growth. Among the hair restoration community, hair regrowth results are significant. In fact, many of the staff and surgeons who work with Dr. Kassir swear by the K-Restore PRP therapy.

The Many Components of PRP
PRP supports the growth of and helps stimulate the growth of hair follicle cells
Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF): This increases blood vessel, cell, and skin growth
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF): This increases blood supply to hair follicle cells
Transforming Growth-Factor-Beta (TGF-b): This increases nutrients for growth in hair follicle cells
Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF): This helps hair follicle cells and surrounding collagen/blood vessels to form
Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 (FGF-2): This helps blood vessels that supply hair follicle cells to grow (and help the hair follicle cells themselves).
Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1): This monitors proteins for the normal hair follicle cell production

How Often Should I Get PRP?
PRP should be done before and after a hair transplant if you already plan to have a hair transplant. PRP can be done to improve hair transplant results. PRP can be used even on those who have fully gone bald as it can still activate inactive hair follicles. K-Restore works around your hair restoration budget and several credit-friendly financing options to have payments as low at $500 a month for 6 months.

The research behind the facts
Many published articles for almost a decade have shown proven results in hair growth and no downtime after the procedure. Your hair is not shaved off before the injections are done. Our K-Restore therapy has found even stronger results in a number of follicles
"A significant reduction in hair loss was found between the 1st and 4th injection. Hair count increased from 71 to 93 units (a gain of 22 follicles per cubic centimeter. Hair was unable to be easily pulled out after therapy".
Khatu, S. S., More, Y. E., Gokhale, N. R., Chavhan, D. C., & Bendsure, N. (2014). Platelet-Rich Plasma in Androgenic Alopecia: Myth or an Effective Tool. Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, 7(2), 107–110.

Kassir Hair Restoration Institute offers 6-month interest-free financing for PRP which is accepted regardless of credit score. The cost for a K-Restore session begins at $3,000 (or 6 payments of $500) and involves a pre and post procedure protocol individually prescribed by Dr. Kassir for your own hair growth. K-Restore Hair restoration is one of the best and most effective procedures for its cost.

Candidate for PRP Therapy

You are a candidate for PRP but results will be less obvious

If you have:

- Thyroid disease or lupus (hair loss will still occur despite the procedure)

If you are on:

- Blood thinners (platelets cannot form properly)

Why Kassir Plastic Surgery
Dr. Kassir has used and refined his own patented K-Restore PRP therapy technique for over 10 years and seen higher yield results than any other hair restoration clinic in the area. Patients continuously refer other patients to Dr. Kassir for their PRP therapy due to his approach. With us, you'll see both an overall increase in hair growth along with a lower need for multiple treatments. Trusted by his plastic surgeon colleagues in this technique, his patented approach is one of the only that requires overall less treatment for higher amounts of hair regrowth. If you want your old head of hair back without the process price of a hair transplant; choose K-Restore. 

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