Dr. Kassir is experienced in treating Rhinophyma, leaving the patients with their natural, smooth appearance. 

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"I get compliments now all the time. You are an artist! I don't know how you did it becuase so many surgeons told me that my skin was too thick and they wouldn't even operate"

— Anonymous, March 29, 2019


What is Rhinophyma?

Rhinophyma is a rare disorder categorized by a large, bumpy nose, which occurs in very severe cases of rosacea. Rhinophyma is also referred to as "bulbous nose" or "phymatous rosacea". This condition is the result of the buildup of oil glands and blood vessels on the nose, causing the bumpy, red appearance. It often presents itself as looking similar to acne in the early stages, which is why it is important for people with rosacea to get a biopsy of the bumps before it turns into the later stage of Rhinophyma. Dr. Kassir treats this by restoring the skin and natural shape of the nose.

How is Rhinophyma treated?

Dr. Kassir treats Rhinophyma using various different techniques to ensure the best possible results for the patient. The first step is to surgically remove the extra tissue to reduce the size of the nose. Dr. Kassir then typically treats this condition through dermabrasion and laser resurfacing to restore a smooth skin texture to the nose. After the dermabrasion the skin will still appear pink, however, the natural color of the skin will restore itself within a few weeks once the skin has fully healed.  

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