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This was such an amazing experience. My sister and I both decided to get rhinoplasties together but were terrified of the whole process and concerned because we live so far from each other. I spoke with Maya online and she was able to help us out throughout the whole processs and made it so much easier. We were able to do our consultation over FaceTime. We scheduled our appointments and surgery dates and she just checked in on us throughout the whole process. My sister flew in from Austin, TX and I flew in from Gainesville, FL. I never expected everything to be so easy. Everyone was so extremely helpful. Dr. Kassir is so personable and made me feel comfortable when getting the surgery. I was not scared at all. I’m so grateful my sister and I chose Dr. Kassir because this was worth everything.



My experience with Dr. Kassir was incredible. He made me into a completely better version of myself. Him and his staff were so welcoming and respectful. I genuinely loved every second that I was there. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.



I am so extremely happy that I found Dr. Kassir and that I trusted him with my face. I had been thinking about refining my nose for the past couple of years, but never got the courage to actually do it, until I met Dr. Kassir. I had bulbous tip, a small bump, and a high bridge of my nose, which all would become hard to ignore, especially when I would smile. My whole nose would just droop down and completely change shape! Thankfully, Dr. Kassir took care of all that! He is a magician in the operation room! It was extremely nerve racking for me to undergo such a procedure, but him and his entire team made me feel so calm and comfortable, so I finally decided to do it, and it was one of the best decisions ever. Everyone is so caring, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and talented - I had no doubt I was in the best hands! Totally worth me flying out of State just for the procedure! Now, less than 3 weeks after my rhinoplasty, I am already on vacation across the globe and feeling great! If you are thinking of rhinoplasty, this is your stop - Your health is the most important thing and not something you should compromise on. Have no doubt you would be in the best hands with Dr. Kassir!



Dr Kassir is incredible at his craft. His attention to detail is amongst the best. His staff is very professional and welcoming and they answer any questions you have which is a reflection of him. Do your research before you go ahead with your procedure and find a surgeon with quality experience. Dr Kassir should be at the top of your list



Dr. Kassir is incredible. The whole experience was so worth all of my time that I put into it. May 2, 2018 I had my consultation. What a great experience! Maya was an amazing help throughout this process and was always there to answer all of mine and my moms questions. She made me very comfortable with the situation. After taking photos of me, I met with Dr. Kassir and we sat down and decided what my nose should look like. He is truly an artist and made what he did on that computer screen look easy. My mom and I immediately were ready to book. The next day we booked for just 4 weeks later on May 31st! Those 4 weeks went by very quickly. I was so ready for the operation. The day of the surgery, everyone in the surgical center made me feel comfortable. I will admit that I was nervous but I was ready to do it. Coming out of the anesthesia, I felt very exhausted. My mom and I drove to our hotel and I immediately ate and wanted to watch TV. I was feeling fine! I was even able to sleep well that night. We did need to change my gauze a few times throughout the night but that was a given. The only hard day for me was the second day, where I had to get the packing out. I am not going to lie, it was very uncomfortable and hurt a little bit, but that was no ones fault. I would say that after a patient gets the packing out, they should immediately go home and rest. That’s what made me feel better. Each day after that was a breeze. I only took Tylenol twice (once right after surgery and once the second morning), but I would’ve done just fine without it. The only part that really bothered me was the bruising under my eyes, but mine had almost disappeared by the 6th day! The nose cast is uncomfortable but you will get used to it and forget it’s there. Then the day I would get the cast off finally came! My appointment was at 9:30am and I was in and out of there within 45 minutes. The cast was taken off and then they cleaned the adhesive off. I had yet to see my nose but based on my friends faces, I knew it was going to look beautiful. And it did. I am now almost 2 weeks post op and 5 days after my cast was taken off. I have not had any problems at all. My nose is so natural looking and looks incredible. Dr. Kassir is an artist and is so amazing at what he does. I am so incredibly happy that I went through with this because I am now more confident with myself. Definitely choose Dr. Kassir for your rhinoplasty! :)



I came to Dr. Kassir for injectible lip fillers and I could not be happier. The process was completely painless and the results were amazing and look so natural! Dr. Kassir is a true artist and his staff is incredibly friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have.



My experience with Dr Kassir and his team exceeded my highest expectation I was extremely nervous very skeptical about surgery but once I met with the team and went over what we were going to do I was a little more at ease.. I still was very nervous about the surgery and I’m a week after and I can reassure you I was worried for nothing , the surgery was a breeze and recovery was exactly how they said it would be they told me I would be more uncomfortable than in pain but really it was a walk in the park, i can’t stress it enough i was so nervous for nothing this was so easy and so life changing any one skeptical about doing rhinoplasty should not be nervous and should meet with the dr and his team and you won’t be disappointed they address your every concern and make you comfortable and at ease! If you aren’t happy with something and there’s a way you can enhance it go for it life is to short to be unhappy this changed my quality of life and I can finally feel confident and beautiful and it did not take much at all barely downtime , minimal pain, easiest part was the actual surgery believe it or not ! Thank you Dr. Kassir and his team also to mention maya the cosmetic coordinator who was available anytime for any questions or concerns I had ! This changed my life and it can change yours too!



Dr Kassir is very professional and an amazing surgeon. His staff are wonderful. My consultation prior to my rhinoplasty was worth my decision to have him work on my nose. I am absolutely satisfied with the results. I highly consider him for rhinoplasty.



First I would like to thank Maya and the rest of Dr. Kassir staff for all of the help they provide to prep me for my Rhynoplasty. They stay on top of all my appointments and notifications. The staff was so friendly and welcoming. They provided all the information and made sure I understood how everything work plus what to expect. Thanks to them I was able to go into my surgery without being nervous or confused. If there is anyone out there looking for a life changing surgery then Dr. Kassir is your man. Dr. Kassir was so friendly and down to earth in my initial calsualtation that it felt like he was more of a friend then anything else. The energy he gave off was of a man that loves and is 100% dedicated to the his work. We sat down as he explain how he was going to accomplish the best look for me while keeping my Puerto Rican ethnicity. So thank you Dr. Kassir for changing my life. There was no better Surgen for my Rhinoplasty then Dr. Ramtin Kassir.



I just had rhinoplasty and a septoplasty by Dr. Kassir. I did research for months to try to find the best doctor in this field. When I found Dr. Kassir I knew he would be the one that I would choose. It took me 4 years to decide, however, I finally had the courage to do it this year. Walked in to he’s office in April and booked my surgery same day. The surgery didn’t take long and I was amaze how I didn’t feel any pain. I would say the worst thing about this procedure was the discomfort of not being able to breathe thru your nose for a few days. Aside from that no pain, bruising disappeared quickly and I went back to work the next day. I can’t thank Dr. Kassir and he’s team enough for all their help. I did not have to show Dr. Kassir any pics, I trusted him and he did not fail me . He truly is an artist! My nose is so natural that even my in laws didn’t notice it when they saw me. If you want the best go to the best!



I've always wanted to get my nose done, but the fear of actually doing it or if it came out worse afterwards always kept me off it. But my sister and I decided to go for it and we were convinced Dr. Kassir was the best based off of his rhinoplasty before and after pictures. And honestly, we are so happy with the outcome. I woke up from surgery and was ready to go walking around NY. I didn't obviously but I felt fine after surgery. Never felt any pain. Had minor swelling and definitely some bruising. But I feel like Dr.Kassir just does the job so well that our recovery process was smooth. I'm happy we went for it. Maya had helped us since day 1 when we were asking to set up the FaceTime consultation. She was so kind and helpful and answered all our questions. All the girls at the office were nice and made sure we had everything we needed pre and post op. I'm mostly happy with the result. From the side it's an immense change. From the front I feel like it looks like my old nose, but I am only 2 weeks post op. So I really hope the swelling on my tip goes down. Cause as happy as I am for the subtle change. I don't want to look the same from the front but I will have to be patient. YouTube and all the doctors on RealSelf told me to be patient so I'm trying



Today was the day I got my Non-surgical rhinoplasty after a year of research. I have always thought I was a pretty girl but I’ve ALWAYS hated my nose. In my research I stumbled across Dr. Kassir who is the pioneer of non-surgical rhinoplasty’s. But, in doing my research nothing could have prepared me for how nice, charismatic and cool he was. He answered all my questions and really seemed like he cared about me holistically. His staff not to mention were great!!! Very friendly and they as well answered all my questions and spoke to me as if I knew them for YEARS. I was a little worried that he would not be able to fix my nose unique to me because I am African American and my nose is...well was ugly but he really did a great job and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to go to his office. The procedure itself was about 7 minutes max. A numbing cream was applied to the area before the actual injections were inserted. The only thing I felt was a little pinch when he was injecting the fillers and he notified me before he injected me that I would feel that. The pinch was about a 1 on a scale of 1-10. All in all I am truly happy with my results and I cant wait to paint the town red with my loved ones and not have to be so self-consciences about how I look in pictures because of my nose.



Dr. Kassir is very sweet and always listening to your concerns. I never had to ask for much since my recovery was so fast and easy.



There aren't enough words to express my happiness and gratitude towards Dr. Kassir and staff, especially Nurse Jamie and Maya. From my very first interaction with Maya I not only felt like I was in the best hands but I felt/and still do post-op like their number one priority. Any questions, concerns and care I needed Maya was there for me 24/7 no matter what was needed from scheduling an appointment to even asking her how to wash my face afterwards! As for Nurse Jamie, whom I met my morning of rhinoplasty, her voice and friendliness was so calming, as I was anxious beyond belief. It was as if my best friend was there joking around with me and making me feel most comfortable. These two women were such a big part of making my experience at Dr.Kassirs such a beautiful experience. Dr. Kassir had took the time over two weeks prior to understand my concerns and my desire for the look I wanted and I am overjoyed to say at only 10 days post op I already love the change and know it will only improve over time and continued to healing. He is such an amazing doctor, incredibly talented but also down to earth. I really cannot say enough about this experience, my rhinoplasty experience and results have been a complete dream and Dr.Kassir, Maya and Jamie made it all the better. Again, I can't say enough!



Beyond 5 star. I always wanted a smaller nose but in a natural way so no one will notice if i had a surgery and doctor kassir with his golden hands made that happen.few days after the surgery i was able to go back to my normal routin life school and work.



I used to hide behind the biggest glasses I could find ( thank you Tom Ford). I would only take selfies from certain angles, my nose bothered me a lot. It had since I was a kid, it was too narrow at the top (nasofrontal area) and then then quickly became too wide along the ridge- I would only favor side profiles, it just didn’t fit the rest of my face) I’d researched thinoplasties: the procedure, the surgeons, the risks, I prepared myself well- I went to consultations with at least three different surgeons. For a while I had filler placed at the nasofrontal angle and while that did smooth out the outline between the forehead and the nose it did not reduce the slight bump or width between the ala and the nasal flaring that occurred with smiling really made my nose seem wider than it was. Then I had a consultation with Dr Kassir- great bedside manner, but he took the time to listen to what I wanted- the difference even a few millimeters makes can have a profound overall effect on the rest of the face and it’s permanent. My parents both have droopy noses, my nose would be projected to end up with the tip going down and making my smile look... well, when I smile it brings my lips closer to my nose- as I get older, it’s not a look I’m too keen on. Rhinoplasty is permanent, even a subtle change made now prevents a dramatic change associated with age.



I have been wanting to get a rhinoplasty for many years due to cosmetic apperance and having a deviated septum. I am a cosmetic nurse, which has provided me with experience and insight into the field of plastic surgery. After having many consultations with doctors throughout michigan (where I reside) I decided to go to the best of the best, Dr. Kassir! This was the best decision I could of ever made! Not only is Dr. Kassir extremely talented and a true facial artist, his team is just as amazing! Dr. Kassir not only fixed my breathing issues, he also gave me the exact cosmetic needs I desired of my nose. The team of Dr. Kassir made sure all my needs were met, especially Maya, who went the extra length to assist me in scheduling my consultation, surgery date, travel needs, and post operative questions. I was able to contact Maya directly for immediate post operative questions and concerns. She was an amazing part of my recovery, always making me feel comfortable. Overall, I cannot recommended Dr. Kassir more highly. He is an amazing surgeon and a true facial artist.



Dr. Kassir is simply AMAZING. I had rhinoplasty 5 days ago. I feel great. I had 2 prior rhinoplasty procedures. I was left with a crooked nose, not being able to breath properly and completely unsatisfied. My 2 experiences were horrible. I had black eyes and the pain was terrible. So, I came to Dr. Kassir to fix my nose and alíviate my pain. Since the first time I talked to him, thru FaceTime, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. We met in person and once again he showed me exactly what he was doing for me. He explained the procedure. He gave me confidence and made me feel part of the process. He is very knowledgeable and humble. He is AMAZING at what he does!
I was also helped by Tamara, his office assistant, through the whole process. I was nervous and I had a lot of questions. Tamara made me feel calm and she answered all my text messages, even during weekends and at night. She always made me feel that I was making the right decision and she was right! She followed up with me after surgery to make sure I was okay! 
Needless to say the surgery went great. I woke up after surgery with no pain at all, no black eyes and little to no swelling. This is the experience I wanted. I can’t wait until my nose heals to see the final results. I can already see the difference.



Dr. Kassir is the best!! I go to him for botox and I’m always so happy with the results. He really takes his time listening to any concerns and knows what looks best and most natural for your face. I always have complete confidence and trust with Dr. Kassir.



I have been wanting to get my nose done since I was in 5th grade (I am now 23). I finally got it done after a lot of research and I am 100% happy with my results. It is everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. I wasn’t in any pain (I only took Tylenol a couple of times). Since the splint came off the swelling has gone down tremendously. I could not have picked a better doctor. I can finally feel like myself. He has changed my life for the better!



My experience from my consultation to present day has been wonderful! Dr. Kassir and his staff have made me feel comfortable, safe and confident before/during/after my surgical rhinoplasty. Four months later and I am in no pain, and in love with my new and improved nose. I have a long recovery to go, but I am beyond satisfied with my current results.



I recently had a filler treatment done by Dr. Kassir, (under eyes to correct dark, hallow circles) Naturally I was nervous having a treatment so close to my eyes but I knew Dr. Kassir was the only physician that I can trust as one of the TOP injectors. His angelic hands are one of a kind and I felt zero pain!! Through out the process he was educating me on the treatment and how having a tx intra-orally can not be done by just any physician. the confidence he instilled in his work showed in results with passion. You can definitely distinguish a physician who just goes to work and does his job verses a physician who is passionate about his job!!! I recommended this treatment to anyone who suffers from deep, dark hallows under their eyes and are told almost everyday if they are “sick” or “tired”. this treatment has helped raise confidence and I know I can only trust Dr Kassir now!!



I have to thank Dr. Kassir for fixing my botched rhinoplasty that I had over 10 years ago. My nose looked so cartoonish and unnatural, and it was also crooked. I consulted with other surgeons but none seemed confident that it could be improved. In my consultation with Dr. Kassir, not only was he certain it could be fixed, but he was so nice and easy to talk to. I’m a little over a month after my rhinoplasty and my nose looks amazing. It fits my face so naturally that it looks like the nose I should have been born with. He’s definitely a doctor that you can trust. I wish I went to him for my first one!



Dr. Kassir just did my revision rhinoplasty on 4/5/18 and I'm compelled to share my experience. I waited over 15 plus years to have my revision. I suffered from "inverted v deformities" or voids in the nose, missing cartilage and it was the furthest thing from symmetrical. I went to a previous plastic surgeon who was clearly not confident to take on the task of fixing my nose. I didn't think I would find a doctor willing to fix it nor has the experience, that is until I came across Dr. Kassir. I first had a non surgical filler injected in my nose injected by Dr. Kassir and I loved it. That lasted well over a year but is pricey. I figured I could keep getting filler for the rest of my life or I can build up the courage, trust Dr. Kassir and do the surgery. So I did. What made me decide on using Dr. Kassir is his expertise on rhinoplasty, his passion for creating a nose for each patient to fit their face and most importantly his confidence in his abilities. My nose was beyond difficult and if I'm being perfectly honest... I wasn't the easiest of patients for him either. I got pissy over a long wait time on one occasion and balled my eyes out when my rhinoplasty splint was removed.... unlike the many Instagram posts you see of the woman rejoicing with tears of joy ... I on the other hand balled my eyes out because I couldn't see past all my swelling. Let me explain... because of the amount of work he did on my nose (open revision rhinoplasty, removing scar tissue and adding new cartilage to my nose) there was more trauma done to my tissue and I bruised really bad. More then most. So when the nurse took my splint off my nose was swollen, uneven to my eyes and discolored. The tip was so swollen it was pointing upward. So like the hot mess I can be at times I made it worse and started to cry... Dr. Kassir attempted to console me and explain it's merely swelling but at that point it wasn't registering . I wanted to be the happy face on his Instagram Not the swollen chick with two black eyes looking like I just went a few round with Conor McGregor. Fast forward no more then 6 hours past my appointment where I got my splint removed. My swelling already subsided from the initial reveal. I can now see it's beautiful shape peeking through all that swelling. Dr. Kassir delivered as promised. He busted his ass on my nose and dealt with my emotional outburst in his office like a champ. What I can say is this.... if you are going to trust anyone with your face trust Dr. Kassir. Is every rhinoplasty the same experience for every patient, no. Some has swelling and bruising while other 6 days later look amazing. Do you have to wait past your appointment time occasionally in his office... sometimes but that's because there is only one Dr. Kassir and a ton of people demanding his attention. To Dr. Kassir and his staff... thank you for being so lovely, kind and patient with me. I am starting to fall in love with my swollen nose (it's only been 7 days) and I anticipate it becoming even more beautiful by each passing day. Thank you Dr. Kassir



Smooth experience and happy with result !

Dr Kassir is by far the nicest and one the most pleasant doctors I’ve ever met. He’s professional, smart and truly an expert in his field. My overall experience was very smooth, and my surgery results came out perfect. I feel so much happier and much more confident in myself. I must also add that I love every staff member I’ve encountered in his office. Thank you, Dr. Kassir!



Dr. Kassir is amazing!!!!

Dr. Kassir is absolutely amazing. I have nothing but great things to say about him. From start to finish the whole process was so much easier than I expected. Starting from the beginning, I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Kassir for a rhinoplasty/ septoplasty which was as simple as making a phone call and selecting a date and time.


Debra 1957

I Couldn’t Be Happier!!

Three years ago I had my surgery with Dr. Kassir and I can’t express how happy I’ve been since then. I walked into his office knowing I wanted my nose redone, it was broke many years ago and had developed some scar tissue dead center on my face , I knew I wasn’t going to live with that the rest of my life , so then Dr. Kassir suggested a band aid facelift also I had my dads jowls .



Dr. Ramtin Kassir - Exceptionally Gifted, Skilled and Caring Surgeon with an Eye for Excellence

Dr. Ramtin Kassir has been my Surgeon for over 20 years. I have lived in multiple cities, coast to coast. Without issue, I would travel for my care with Dr. Ramtin Kassir. He has consistently treated me with extreme compassion, confidence, and excellence regarding my aesthetic and functional needs. Over the years, I have seen the growth in his practice especially internationally with increasing patient demand- especially for those suffering from poor outcomes after 2-4 botched nose repairs, etc. I do not post but this is necessary. He is exceptional!! His work speaks volumes with respect to his attention for detail from beauty to function. His high patient success is like no other Plastic Surgeon. Priceless



A truly wonderful experience !!!!

I had a truly wonderful experience with Dr. Kassir. I had three procedures (rhinoplasty, lower neck lift and a chin implement) and everything went extremely well. I had a minimal down time and was back to work in a very short time. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend doctor Kassir to anyone interested in enhancing their appearance. He has a great team.



A great and painless experience

I highly recommend Dr.Kassir! Him and his staff really make you feel comfortable and listen to what your concerns are with your nose. I had a deviated septum , a hump , and a droopy tip. I told Dr.kassir I want a nice natural looking nose and not a nose that looked too piggy or pinched. It’s been a month since my surgery and I am soooo happy!



Great doctor & bedside manor

I wish I had gone to Dr. Kassir for my 1st 2 surgeries.Him & his staff are very friendly. He fixed the other surgeons mistakes which wasn't cheap, but what reconstruction is? I still have some remaining issues from my 1st 2 surgeries with the other doctor I had seen before, but so far i'm happy. I highly recommend him as a surgeon for reconstruction.



Awesome experience

My experience was awesome! The office is very modern, the staff is very knowledgeable and kind. Dr. Kassir is amazing! Hes very easy going. He is also very skilled! Im extremely happy with my results! Thank you!



Just WOW!

My overall experience with Dr. Kassir and his staff was absolutely amazing! I felt so comfortable during my consultation and booked my rinoplasty on the spot. I knew I was going to be in the best hands with Dr. Kassir. He exceeded my expectations and more!



Male Hair Transplant and Rhinoplasty Patient of Dr. Kassir

Dr. Kassir is the best in the business!! Triple board certified, aka he's a rockstar in the marketplace. His office is always packed because everyone wants to go to the best. Outside of a little longer waits sometimes, every experience with Dr. Kassir and his staff have been fantastic. I've gotten a rhinoplasty and a 3,500 graft mega hair transplant with the results being A++ work.



I have a amazing experience

I have heard fantastic things about dr Kassir and after meeting with him for my lip fillers he even exceeded my expectations! He takes the time to go over what you want his main concern is you really 100 percent satisfied he not only plumped my lips but reshaped them for My face 



My New nose called Natasha

I’m so happy with my results and I’m only one week in! Dr. Kassir was so easy to talk to I felt like I knew him for years, he’s recommendations were realistic and the results are right on the nose! His team, which I like call the Dream Team, especially Maya and his NP, Jamie, were AMAZING! They are thoughtful, super friendly and professional and most importantly, reassuring and down to earth.



amazing dysport experience

Dr. Kassir is not only an amazing doctor, but a really caring, thoughtful person. He is extremely focused on helping his patients look and feel their best. I have been getting Dysport with him for about a year now and couldn't be happier with the results. I literally have a "Dysport glow" and have had people comment that I look younger and more refreshed. Thank you Dr. Kassir !!



Amazing Experience at Kassir

I had an amazing experience at Kassir. The staff (Tamara, Britney, Jamie, Kaitlyn, etc) were absolutely amazing. Kassir as well treated us like gold and did exactly what he promised to do. I am so happy with my nose, and love the way it came out. The recovery process was easy and smooth. If you’re planning to get anything done, I highly suggest Kassir 100%.



Dr. Kassir is the best of the best !!!

Dr. Kassir is absolutely the best around the tri-state area. I started going to Dr. Kassir for Restylane fillers under my eyes to help my hollows & dark circles after a different doctor was not giving me the results I was looking for. Dr. Kassir had no issues at all satisfying me. I was so happy with his work that I asked him to help fix my chin area.



A true artist and amazing doctor

I am so grateful to have chosen Dr Kassir to perform my eye surgery. Not only is he an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, skillful talented physician, Dr. Kassir has a uniqueness that separates him from other plastic surgeons. He has a remarkable natural artistic ability that he brings to his work. His plastic surgery ethic is bringing out the naturalness in ones physical appearance.



In love with my new nose!

I am a 31 year old Dominican woman, whom has many surgeries in the past. I’ve always had a wide nose and a strange looking profile, I’ve always wanted to find a really good doctor for a good Hispanic nose job. You can’t just trust anyone with your nose. I saw Dr.Kassirs Work on Instagram I immediately booked an appointment.



The most natural results by the best doctor in the game

If you are going to get a nose job in the NY/NJ area - this is the doctor to go to. I am a 33 year-old who was always insecure about her nose. As I got older, I became more insecure. When a family member got it done (by Dr. Kassir), I was SO impressed with the result that I had to go in for a consultation.


mirabela b


I was really excited to get this procedure done and I’m so happy I ended up sticking with it. The consultation went great, Dr.Kassir was more than I pictured from Instagram. He was honest, very kind & made me feel even confident about getting the procedure done. While waiting for him to see me the staff was very helpful. Maya was wonderful, she came over and helped us with every question.



Revision rhinoplasty with dr kassir

So here’s a pic of me before my revision rhinoplasty with dr. Kassir and about 2 years later. (Now) I honestly was much happier than the first rhinoplasty I got, from the time he took my cast off, but not perfectly happy. It took about 18 months for me to see the final “settled in new nose”. And the first time around it was only 8 months!



24 Y.o. Female Rhinoplasty thing I’ve ever done for myself!!

If I could give Dr.Kassir 10 stars, I would, hands down! I did my research for years and was basically set on him- I did have a few consultations with other surgeons in the area however I must say I did not feel comfortable with them. Dr.Kassir is so personable and confident that it feels as if you’ve known him forever. Having wanted my rhinoplasty from age 14 and on, now at age 24 I was finally able to make it happen and I couldn’t have possibly been in better hands than that of Dr. Kassir! I am 3 weeks post op and obsessed with my results- my new nose accentuates all my best features while I stil “look like myself” while maintaining my ethnicities and I do not look too “done”!! My family, friends, and clients are all amazed at the fine details of it as well as my recovery which has been extremely smooth. If you’re someone who’s been considering a Rhinoplasty or other facial procedure I cannot stress enough how important it is to receive the best care and art which you’ll find it Dr.Kassir! 24 y.o. Female - My rhinoplasty is 1 week away in Wayne, NJ and I cannot wait for the results. I know I am in the best hands truly! For my initial consult I brought my Mother with me, because she was not fully on board with my having surgery, and Dr. Kassir kindly and confidently answered every single question asked with ease. The girls in the office have been a huge help, answering all of my questions promptly and they are always kind. So excited-will update after surgery!



My amazing decision choosing Dr. Kassir

Dr. Kassir completely changed my life and the results speak for themselves. Not only is he an amazing doctor but an amazing person as well. He is willing to do anything in his power to make you happy. The results of my rinoplasty speak for themselves. I am completely happy with choosing Dr. Kassir, I couldn’t ask for a better doctor. I will forever be thankful for him and his lovely staff.


Sophia Cifuentes

The most incredible subtle difference

My experience was beyond what I imagined. I mean that entirely because, when I think of fillers I accept the idea that I'll look a little "worked on". With Dr. Kassir, this is not the case. A lot like selfies, he's all about the angles. He used a small amount of filler to make my nose look lifted and adorable, and my cheeks bright, full, and youthful.



I am so happy I chose Dr. Kassir

Dr. Kassir is very welcoming and trustworthy. I used to have a bump and a droopy tip; now, my nose looks better than I ever pictured it would. The surgery and recovery process were painless. I had no bruising and I could not be happier with my results. :)



Amazing experience 18 years old

Dr. Kassir and his staff are unbelievably amazing! I went to him for a septoplasty and rhinoplasty and my results are incredible and I could not be happier! When I went to my consultation he sat with me and together we discussed how exactly I wanted my nose to look. He digitally altered my images that were taken and showed me how I would look after the surgery.



Seamless and wonderful experience

I visited 3 rhinoplasty specialists and knew right away I was choosing Dr. Kassir. He is genuine and naturally confident with his work. He did not have to “prove “ this to me like others did. Also, I just trusted him within minutes of talking to him. He has a wonderful demeanor and he is so likable. I had rhinoplasty one month ago and am so pleased. There was no pain and no bruising.



My New Nose is Awesome!

Dr. Kassir did an AMAZING job on my nose. I was worried about how I was going to look because its my face but he did an awesome job. Although he is more expensive then some doctors, its worth every penny to go to the best and HE IS the best. I've been to all three of his offices and the staff were all very nice.



Best doctor ever!!!

I went to Dr. Kassir a year ago for lip fillers and ended up getting lip injections and nonsurgical rhinoplasty!!! I was so amazed by the results and difference right away that I decided to schedule a permanent rhinoplasty. However, I would never ever ever allow anyone to touch my face if it wasn’t going to be Dr. Kassir.



The Picasso of Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kassir made me cry tears of joy !! My bandages were removed today & instantly i was in love with my nose, i cannot imagine how much happier i will be once all swelling comes down. I had a revision done from a poor job, done as a teenager, dr kassir now gave me a bridge using my own septal cartilage, formed a beautiful tip & gave me the nose i was supposed to be born with.



Great Doctor

Every doctor I met with before Dr. Kassir was cold. Dr. Kassir was the only understanding doctor I met with. My mom and I were so comforted with his care and expertise. That I decided to go through with the surgery during my consultation. He changed my life for the better.



Overall, the entire experience was excellent!

I would recommend Dr. Kassir for anyone who was thinking of having cosmetic surgery!!! Making the decision to go under the knife can be nerve-racking. First, you’re trusting someone to rearrange your looks and you’re paying someone to do it as well. For me, this was an amazing experience all around! Dr. Kassir has way outdone himself!



Amazing and Easy experience !

My experience with the Dr.Kassir was really amazing. The staff was really helpful explaining everything I needed to know, Maya and the other girls. Two months ago I had my revision rhinoplasty and I couldn't be happier.



Talented surgeon

Brief backstory: I broke my nose about 10 years ago which resulted in a deviated septum and a slight bump on the right side of my bridge. Several years after the fact, I decided to have the issue fixed. The surgeon (who was not Dr. Kassir, unfortunately) fixed the slight bump yet my deviated septum issue continued to get worse and I noticed my nostrils were now crooked. Major bummer



Otoplasty at 30 Years Old

I have heard such great things about Dr. Kassir from friends and family, so I decided to go in for a consultation regarding my ears. They have always stuck out and I have been very self conscious about them since I was a teenager. I felt like they made me look goofy and I never wore my hair up or back as a result. My consultation with Dr. Kassir was so personal and he really devoted time to me.



I had an amazing experience!

Well, my experience with Dr. Kassir started the research! After, my research I discovered photos of his patient, including the experience that Dr. Kassir has done it throughout the years. I was impressed by his background! Maya helped me to schedule a visit to the Dr. Which I really appreciate her assistance throughout the process.



A One Highly Satisfied Client

I came in with a friend for her check up and walked out with Fillers. The doctor was absolutely kind and so professional. From the very first moment you walk in the facility you are treated like a family member, extremely welcoming, kind and everyone was so upbeat. I am highly pleased with my results and I can't wait just couple more days for bruising to go away and enjoy it even more!!



An amazing doctor

I went to Dr Kassir as a referral from my friend who also had a rhinoplasty done. I chose the non surgical route as I was always embarrassed by my dorsal hump. After meeting Dr Kassir I knew I was in great hands & he knew exactly what he was doing. Immediately after the non surgical rhinoplasty I cried as seeing my new side profile! I couldn’t be any happy with the results!



Two birds with one stone

I was getting tired and worn out with chronic sinus infections back to back. Also had a deviated septum. I had to get a sinus surgery and have always wanted a narrower nose so decided to look for a doctor who does both at one time. Finally found Dr Kassir which was such a delight! From the day of consultation to day of Surgery, Dr Kassir was just so pleasant to talk to.



No doctor other than Dr.Kassir will touch my face again!

I am a Korean 30 year old in NYC. I had no bridge and my nose was too wide. I have wanted rhinoplasty since I was a teen but was afraid I wouldn't like the permanent results of a nose job. So for about 4 years I've gotten filler in my nose about 5 times. I loved the results of filler but I realized I am ready to do this permanently so I went in search of the best rhinoplasty doctor in NYC



Best decision i've ever made!

Dr. Kassir and his staff are absolutely wonderful! I felt comfortable immediately upon arrival for the initial consultation and all throughout the very quick process of achieving a more balanced and feminine nose. The level of professionalism and attentiveness put any worries I may have had at ease, and I went into surgery with complete confidence in his expertise.




My experience with Dr Kassir and everyone in his office was amazing. He was very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease before the procedure. So happy with the results it was everything that I wanted.



30F Septorhinoplasty with Dr. Kassir

Dr. Kassir is an ENT as well as a plastic surgeon, and is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (the one you need to care about). He specializes in rhinoplasty, which is why I wanted to consult with him; I was only interested in surgeons who specialized in rhinoplasty. I had no complications post-surgery and when the cast was removed, the shape (although swollen) was exactly what I had envisioned it should be. I followed his website and instagram for about 3 years and I liked the vision of a feminine nose he had in mind when performing rhinoplasty. There is a definitely an artistic aspect of rhinoplasty, and I felt Dr. Kassir's vision was exactly in line with what I wanted. He is very busy and has a very type-A personality, so you might not get a lot of one on one time, but he can absolutely deliver as a cosmetic surgeon. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Kassir and his team for facilitating my surgery and giving me the nose I always felt I should have been born with.


christina po

Non surgical nose job

My experience with doctor kassir was fabulous I was very comfortable with him and his staff. Everyday I see I my new nose and I fall in love with my front and side profile it’s breathtaking what doctor Kassir can do he has hands of an angel. This will not be my last procedure:) THANK YOU!



Amazed !

I was always insecure about my nose. It had an arch and was just a little bit big for my face. Luckily I saw an ad for Dr. kassir and I thought, “why not?”... Meeting Dr. kassir is such a pleasure. He’s super nice and is truthful about anything you ask. His staff also truly makes sure you’re comfortable enough to go through your procedure..



One of the greatest decisions of my life

Absolutely amazing! Going into this procedure I was extremely nervous that it was going to hurt but the whole process was painless. The first two days were a little bit uncomfortable but absolutely nothing to complain about. I am so in love with the results and now I can walk around confident and feeling great



I have been a patient of Dr. Kassir's for almost 2 years.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kassir's for almost 2 years. I had imperfections on my nose and saw him for a non surgical rhinoplasty (i.e. Filler used to reshape the nose). The results were immediate, zero recovery and my nose looked amazing. So much so that I've decided to have a rhinoplasty done by Dr. Kassir in the spring. Dr. Kassir is warm, friendly, personable and amazingly talented.



Dr. Kassir is a wonderful surgeon.

Dr. Kassir is a wonderful surgeon. Very nice and personable and he sure knows what he is doing in the operating room! I absolutely love the results from my rhinoplasty. Its expensive, but well worth it. Definitely recommend to anyone who is uncomfortable with their nose and looking to get a more refined, natural look.



The best cosmetic surgeon

I have been going to Dr.Kassir for various treatments for many years. Dr.Kassir is is a brilliant and extremely skilled doctor.His work is impeccable and very natural.I have had Dysport to help with the lines and wrinkles I started seeing on my face and Restylane injections to make my lips fuller. I couldn't be happier with the results. The girls in the office have always been kind, helpful...



The best cosmetic surgeon

I have been going to Dr.Kassir for various treatments for many years. Dr.Kassir is is a brilliant and extremely skilled doctor.His work is impeccable and very natural.I have had Dysport to help with the lines and wrinkles I started seeing on my face and Restylane injections to make my lips fuller. I couldn't be happier with the results. The girls in the office have always been kind, helpful...



Exceptional doctor and staff!

After a few years searching for a doctor that I was comfortable enough with to perform a rhinoplasty on me, I finally found Dr. Kassir through a recommendation from a friend. His work is absolutely incredible, which goes hand in hand with the honest and professional way in which he conducts a consultation. From day one I was greeted by his staff who took their time with me in the office.



Trust Kassir!

I had a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation performed by Dr. Kassir 4 weeks ago. There are so many wonderful things I felt needed to be shared about Dr. Kassir and my experience with him. First, he spent a lot time answering my questions and addressing my concerns at both my consultation and pre-opt appointment. It didn't matter how many people were in the waiting room, Dr. Kassir did not rush



I would do it 100 times over...WONDERFUL experience

Everyone was so nice and helpful. Dr. Kassir is so humble and so kind. He really sits down and talks and listens to your needs and I think that's such an important quality in a doctor. HIGHLY RECOMMEND



Painless recovery and amazing results!

I don't even know where to start but Dr.Kassir is the best rhinoplasty surgern hands down! Everything went so incredibly smooth. At first I was so nervous that it would be a painful surgery since I have relatives who have gotten it done with other surgeons and they have told me that it is extremely painful but I feel that I had the best surgen work on me and that is what made my experiance.



Best and natural lip injections!!

I recently had my lips injected by Dr. Kassir. He listened as I discussed my insecurities about my lips ( I had no top lip and at the age of 60 lost all volume and plumpness). Dr Kassir said patients who want a lot of volume and plumpness (Kylie Jenner type lips) usually get 2-4 injections; he thoroughly explained that the amount of injections depend on the look you are going for.



Best experience

I had revision rhinoplasty about a month ago with Dr. Kassir. I had my first Rhinoplasty about 10 years ago overseas and was unhappy with my results as my nose was asymmetrical and still had problems breathing even after the surgery. I am very happy with my decision to go to Dr. Kassir. The procedure was painless and I had minimal to no bruising. I am very happy with the look of my nose.



I had a great experience

I had always wanted to get rid of the bump I had in my nose but wanted to make sure I found the best surgeon around to get the job done. When I came across Dr. Kassir, I knew I would be in good hands. Not only was he extremely qualified, but he was also very professional from the minute I met him. During the consultation, he made sure to answer any questions I had



My amazing experience

Dr kassir truly changed my life. His passion, his great energy, is contagious!! Words will never describe how blessed I am to have gone to Dr. Kassir for a septorhinoplasty. Not only did he give me a feminine aesthetic nose; I could finally breathe throughout my nose. Most importantly I still look like ME! One month later, I feel great and looking forward for my future!! Best doctor ever!!!



Two proceedures done by an AMAZING doctor!

My experience with Dr. Kassir has been nothing but wonderful! I had Rhinoplasty surgery back in January of 2017. There were some minor healing issues involving scar tissue (nothing relating to the surgery or his skills) which he was able to fit me in to correct it right away at no additional cost! He was such a sincere and honest person that I decided to go back to him in August of 2017




"Doctor Kassir and his entire staff made this process that can be wildly intimidating to most people, quite literally the best decision I have ever made in my life. Prior to my septorhinoplasty, I could not breathe through my nose. After going through this painless process (seriously, there was no pain involved at any point), not only could I now breath through both sides of my nose.



Perfect Rhinoplasty Experience

Dr. Kassir could not have given me a better nose! He did a perfect job! He did exactly what I asked for and I had better results than what I thought was possible. I only wish I could have done this procedure sooner. I recommend him to everyone over and over again.



Best decision I've ever made

I was always insecure about my nose since I was little. It was a big hook-like nose that made me not confident with myself at all. People would say I have a "Jewish nose" or that I looked like "bird". After years of contemplating whether I should get a rhinoplasty or not, I decided I wanted to get one.



Best Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Kassir was amazing! He fixed my deviated septum and gave a cute, feminine nose. I had a deviated septum that started bothering me the last couple years and affecting my daily life. My right side was completely blocked and I was having hard time to breathe. I would get tired quickly. But thanks to dr kassir I can breathe and I have a nose that suits my face.



Dr. Kassir is simply the best

I could not have asked for a better experience and more importantly, a better doctor. My biggest concern when searching for a doctor was who was going to give me the natural look I was hoping for. I wanted a Rhinoplasty, but I still wanted to look like me. For about a decade I thought about getting a rhinoplasty, but was nervous to take the plunge.



Amazing experience!

There are seriously not enough words to describe how much I love my new nose by Dr. Kassir. His exceptional precision made my dreams come true. I have always been self-conscious of the size of my nose and my side profile. I showed him exactly what I wanted and he did far more than that. Dr. Kassir is truly amazing at what he does and has hands of gold.



Rhinoplasty and Sinus Surgery Went Well

Dr. Kassir did a very good job fixing my broken nose and sinuses. Seeing the before and after pictures still amaze me. He made me feel very comfortable before the procedure and filled me with confidence.



He is the Best of The Best

Excellent Doctor, I had a procedure done with Dr. Kassir and I am Extremely happy and it looks great, The kassir's staff is attentive and they are very kind and polite.I highly recommend Dr.Kassir to All people.



Great experience

Dr. Kassir is amazing. He is compassionate, kind, and an artist! His knowledge and creditentials were very comforting and I did not have to look any farther after speaking and meeting with him. I had rhinoplasty and chin implant 18months post op. My experience was great and I would do it again in a heart beat!




Today is my 25th birthday. I had rhinoplasty performed a week ago. My nose was never broken or drastically huge to begin with but my hobby is photography and I work as a medical assistant. I was tired of posing a certain angle for photos/videos in order to perfect the shot for my nose. (I tend to be a perfectionist.) 



30 Year Old Female, Rhinoplasty/septoplasty

All I can say is I am SO happy I decided to have Dr. Kassir perform my rhinoplasty! I trusted him and it paid off. He gave me the nose I always wanted. He worked with my face and gave me the nose that looked the most natural and complimented my features nicely. I didn't experience much pain after the second day and everything is healing nicely 3 weeks post-op. I wish I found him sooner.



Life changing

I had hated the way my nose looked for many years, and I always wanted a rhinoplasty. My concern was finding the right doctor for me, someone I could put all my trust in. I was looking for the doctor who would get to know me on a personal level, and really take into account why I wanted a rhinoplasty. After months of research I found Dr. Kassir and I knew instantly that he was the doctor for me.



Incredible surgeon, amazing rhinoplasty results

Dr. Kassir is a fantastic surgeon and a great person. I have wanted a nose job my entire life, but was terrified of it turning out wrong. So many surgeons give every patient the same button nose, which can look SO obvious on someone who wasn't born with it. The work that Dr. Kassir does is artistry. He is very sensitive to each person's unique features and ethnicity.



19 Year Old Rhinoplasty and Best Decision I've Ever Made

I can not explain how pleased I am with the work Dr. Kassir has performed. I have always been so insecure of my nose and have wanted a rhinoplasty ever since I was in middle school. Being the perfectionist I am I was so worried while choosing my plastic surgeon because I wanted to find the perfect artist to reform my nose into how I have always imagined it to look.



Great Doctor,Amazing work!

Dr. Ramtin Kassir understands what you want and listens to what you have to say. Dr. Ramtin Kassir has a great bedside manner. I had a face lift surgery done, Very Happy with the results and i'd recommend him to anybody.




After doing research for YEARS, I finally decided to go through with getting a Rhinoplasty. After reading some very good reviews about Dr. Kassir, I decided to have a consultation with him. He took his time and fully understood exactly what my desired results were. I wanted the hump on my nose gone and the tip brought up ever so slightly. He explained everything thoroughly to me



Fixed my Scooped Rhino

Dr. Kassir was kind, professional, and helped ease my fears. It was just taking to another person, not intimidating at all. He even shared a family photo with me and gave me advice for how to enjoy my wedding day to the fullest. Very happy I found him! Highly recommended. Feel free to message me if you want more info, I'd gladly share my experience. Thanks again Dr. Kassir for showing me there are trustworthy surgeons out there!



Wonderful experience, AMAZING results! - Wayne NJ

As long as I can remember I have been insecure about my nose. I had a bump on the bridge of my nose and a pointy tip that drooped when I smiled. At the age of 20 I finally decided to go through with having a rhinoplasty procedure. Without a doubt, Dr. Kassir is the perfect surgeon for the job. He came highly recommended and his website is filled with amazing pictures



Amazing Experience

When you go for a something that's going to be a part of you for the rest of your life you go to the absolute best, and that's what you get with Dr. Kassir. Great bedside manner and support staff - A+



wonderful beyond my expectations

This was my first ever experience with plastic surgeon and I was more than pleased with the experience .first off the staff were not only knowledgeable but courteous ,professional and most of all extremely personable ,as for my coolsculpting with Nicole , there are not enough positive words for her experience,and how she provided me with confidence in the overall treatment.



Best decision of my life

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Kassir. My rhinoplasty was performed by Dr. Kassir and could not be more pleased with my results. First off, his staff was extremely professional and helpful during the entire surgical process. The surgery went seamlessly and recovery was so much easier than anticipated. I would say my pain at its worst was a 1.5 out of 10.



Best doctor ever!!!

I recently had rhinoplasty done from Dr.Kassir and I have never been happier! I used to have a deviated septum and I always felt like my nose was too long and masculine for my face. I was always extremely self conscious and would constantly hide my face. It made such a negative impact on my life and caused me to be so shy and insecure.



I am extremely pleased with my results.

Dr. Kassir performed rhinoplasty and septoplasty on my nose, correcting my deviated septum and the overall shape of my nose. He did a PHENOMENAL job. I was extremely nervous about having this procedure done along with who I wanted to perform it. I have played sports my entire life and had a broken nose, which resulted in a bump on the bridge of my nose, and I also was unhappy with the shape.



The best plastic surgeon EVER - New York, NY

I feel so much more confident since my nose before the nose job I hated when people would look at me from the side and I hated taking pictures. I was so scared to change my face but you made me feel so much more comfortable and reassuring it was painless and I couldn't imagine it coming out better I love it so much! Dr kassir and his staff were all so sweet and helpful.



Best experience - New York, NY

Dr. Kassir and his staff they will treat you like family and not just as a patient. They're fast in response to emails questions that you have and have great compassion and professionalism. Dr. Kassir is a true artist it'll make anyone feel comfortable definitely recommend him



Great experience!

Dr. Kassir is not only phenomenally talented, but he's so friendly and sincerely cares about all of his patients. I had a rhinoplasty done, and if I had to do it over, I would definitely choose Dr. Kassir!



Incredible care from artistic and personable surgeon

He is very different than most surgeons because he is not only personable but he's an artist, a father, a husband and you are his work that he takes pride in/cares for. He's worked on celebrities and yet he treated me, an average person, with the same precision and interest as he would a high-profile patient. I knew I was in good hands when he took the time to hear my suggestions



He truly is the best of the best

Doctor kassir was my last hope after getting an incorrect rhynoplasty 2 previous times. I am extremely happy with my results and the choice I made to go to dr kassir. He was honest with me about my results and what was achievable, and he gave me a nose I could only dream of having! I am beyond happy that I chose someone who was qualified and made the decision to go to dr kassir.



20 y/o male

I came to Dr. Kassir in December 2016 desiring a revision rhinoplasty in order to fix a deviated septum and crooked nose arising from a past history of cleft palate and lip. During both the pre-op visits and the operation itself, he and his staff were extremely courteous to me and guided me efficiently through what I could expect from the procedure.



Best experience

The best of the best! Dr. Kassir and his staff are truly amazing. I had surgery one week ago and I could not be happier with the results! I can now breathe through my nose for the first time in over a decade! Throughout the entire process, his staff was very supportive. Dr. Kassir and his staff listened to everything I wanted and followed through 100%.



Could not be happier

After meeting Dr. Kassir for the first time, any nervousness I had about going through with the surgery was gone. He was extremely personable, kind and confident, which left me excited just thinking about the results. Before the surgery, I knew I had nothing to worry about because I was so confident in Dr. Kassir's abilities.



Amazing revision rhinoplasty.

I had a botched rhinoplasty done by a different doctor which ruined my nose and I couldn't breathe. After that I had silicone injections in my nose which I regretted later due to over filling. Dr. Kassir fixed everything. He gave me the most perfect nose and took out the silicone. He is truly amazing. My nose before didn't fit my face and now it does. It's perfect in every way.



Amazing Experience

Thank you Dr. Kassir. I am extremely happy with my results. I initially had non-surgical rhinoplasty and loved my results so much, that I decided to go through with surgery 4 months later. As an Emergency Room Physician Assistant, I come in contact with a great deal of surgeons on a daily basis and I must say, Dr. Kassir is by far one of the most talented, friendly and courteous surgeons.



Don't Hesitate!! Get the procedure done!

First, I would like to say how AMAZING my Rhinoplasty results are! I have never felt more confident in my life. Dr. Kassir was the third surgeon that I saw before deciding who's hands I trusted my nose in. When visiting him back in January, I never felt more comfortable with a surgeon in my life. 


Love this site love life

Almost 40 3 Kids - New York

He is a wonderful caring doctor who listens. He is an artist who brings the best out in you without jeopardizing your unique features.



Natural and BEAUTIFUL! - Wayne, NJ

Dr Kassir really did a wonderful job and is a true master of his craft! He makes you feel very comfortable and he has wonderful bedside manner. The only negative thing I can say is that once he completed my surgery I felt like I became less of a priority... long waits in his office( an hour and a half on one occasion and two hours on the other) for only a 5 minute follow up.



Happy happy! - New York, NY

He's truly amazing person. Easy to talk to. Dr. Kassir and his team are super organized and sweet. I had revision done. It's been 2 months now. I had all instructions, how to prepare for surgery and what's right after. Had no pain. Ohh would forgot also buccal removal done as well! My cheeks were bit swollen for less than week. Again thank you very much!



Amazing Doctor

I did a tip reduction with Dr. Kassir one month ago, and, I have to say, hands down, Dr. Kassir is absolutely the best doctor to trust with such intricate procedure. Immediately after the surgery there were absolutely no swelling or bruising, I did not even need the heavy narcotics Dr. Kassir prescribed for the pain.



Revision Rhinoplasty Expert - New York, NY

I had a primary rhinoplasty in 2010 overseas to fix a large hump, which resulted in a complete septum deviation rendering the breathing a difficult task. Went back to the same surgeon in 2011 to fix the arisen problem from the original rhinoplasty with minimal improvement. 



I'm amazed with my results!!

It's been 3 weeks since my rhinoplasty and I'm very happy with my results. My nose is still swollen so it's not at it's final stage but I'm already content with the way it looks now and I know I will be even more happier with the final outcome. Im soooo glad I went through with the surgery. A lot of people tried talking me out of it saying I wasn't going to look the same.


lynn arp

One Happy Woman - Ridgewood, NJ

Dr Kassir did my mini faclift! Omg i look fabulous! He is a true Artist! He is well educated! He is a master at his career! I have seen many lifts and dr Kassir is the best! U cannot see my incisions! Im puuled tight to perfection! Everyone in his office is effeciant! Kind and helpful! I highly reccomend drKassir! His work is by far the very best!!! Do yiur self a favor an look no further!



Great Experience!

I visited Dr. Kassir at his Park Avenue location in September for a Rhinoplasty consultation. I had planned on just speaking with him about my options and getting a price for the procedure. Getting a nose job was something I had thought about for a long time but was always hesitant about. After talking with Dr. Kassir and his staff I knew this was what I wanted.



Dr. Kassir is the best.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery, especially facial plastic surgery, is a serious and very personal choice. I trusted my life to the hands and artistry of Dr. Ramtin Kassir. Dr. Kassir was highly recommended by a good friend of mine who went to him personally. After consulting with four other surgeons for a total facelift, my instinct told me Dr. Kassir was the one.



An Amazing Experience with No Regrets

I've always hated my nose ever since I'd been made fun of its shape and bump in high school and actually began to notice it. I was not comfortable meeting new people or having anyone look at my profile. I found Dr. Kassir by doing some research online and instantly decided he was going to be my rhinoplasty surgeon. The outcomes pictures and reviews made me feel extremely reassured. 



Happy to have Chosen Dr. Kassir - New York

Even though my nose is still not exactly how I expected it to be, I am overall happy with the result. I had asked him to remove the bump from my nose and make my nose smaller to look feminine, and that's exactly what he did.



22 Yr Old, Large Nose, Insecure Whole Life

I had been searching for rhinoplasty doctors for years. I'm located in Los Angeles but when I found Dr. Kassir and his work I immediately had a gut feeling he was the doctor for me. ;) He is welcoming, funny and matter of fact. He knows what he's doing and he took the time to engage in what I like and what I want my nose to look like



50 Year Old Saved the BEST for Last (Dr. Kassir) - New York, NY

I had rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Kassir and the result was more than I expected. Dr. Kassir sculpted my nose to fit my face, and it looks very natural. It does not scream "nose job". Dr. Kassir is a true genius to his craft. He is very nice and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. He's Awesome.... His staff is very professional and courteous from the ladies at the front desk



so happy !!!

I was told for over ten years that I needed surgery to open up my air passage ways by my ENTs. I had rhinoplasty 16 years ago. My breathing was not the same and the appearance of nose was not what I had hoped for. I still had a bump, nostrils were a little large and the tip of my nose was not attractive. Because of my past experience with anesthesia I was extremely hesitate to have any further surgery where I would need to be put under anesthesia. I woke up from the surgery with chills, sweating and vomiting for two days. A girlfriend of mine had recently had a mini face lift and rhinoplasty - Dr. Kassir just an outstanding job and she could not be happier! She convinced me to make an appointment with Dr. Kassir. He assured me that I would be fine! I decided to have the surgery to open up my air passage ways and to make my nose look "pretty" - no more bump and more feminine! I woke up in recovery feeling fine! No chills, no sweating and no vomiting! Dr. Kassir did a GREAT JOB! His staff both in his Ridgewood & Wayne offices and his staff in the Wayne Surgical Center were fantastic!!! I love my nose and can breath!!! It's extremely natural looking and fits my face perfectly! Not only is Dr. Kassir one of the Best - he is an exceptional person!!!




Desperate Need of Rhinoplasty - New York, NY

I love my results and its only one week post-op. Dr. Kassir is a genious. He hooked up my nose and there are no traces that I had rhinoplasty. My nose looks amazing and all the swelling has not gone down yet. The surgery was worth every penny. Dr. Kassir you are brilliant and highly skilled. I'm overwhelmed with excitement and satisfaction.



Non Surgical Nose Job by THE BEST! - Wayne, NJ

I got the Non-surgical rhinoplasty by Dr. Kassir and now, I feel more confident in my appearance! I'm very picky and did all my research before going with Dr. Kassir. He's really an amazing plastic and cosmetic surgeon! He listened and respected my opinion and designed my nose to fit my face. He was available for questions and concerns and treated me with care and respect.



21 Years Old, Rhinoplasty - New York City, NY

I've always been insecure about my nose. It was very wide and sloped down and I had a bump. Going into this I was really scared because I didn't know what to expect or how it would turn out. I couldn't be happier with my nose. It's what I wanted and more. Dr. Kassir was very sweet and he has really soft hands like omg..



Rhinoplasty - 34y/o Woman from UK - New York, NY

This was a big decision for me but I'm very happy I have met Dr. Kassir and even more happy with the final outcome of my rhinoplasty. I was looking for a Doctor with extensive experience and heigh level of professionalism and I'm certain now that Dr. Kassir is the right person. My procedure went very smoothly, I was not in pain and everything went as planned. Very nice staff at the practice. I'm a very , very happy patient. Thank you Dr. Kassir for all your care.



22 Year Old Who Was Always Self Conscious About Her Nose - New York, NY

He is exceptionally skilled and very kind!



Rubber Stamp of Approval Revision Rhino - New York

Dr. Kassir is very kind, confident, and humorous. He did not baby me and even said I was being dramatic. He reassured me that he could do the revision. Though, he said I needed to let go of all the emotions and make a decision to go ahead with the procedure, or not. 3 weeks post op, I am pleased with the results. Also, Araksya was great at putting up with me, advising me and helping with the scheduling because I admit I was being a pain ;). In addition, thanks to Aruba who was also very pleasant and considerate.



Goodbye Crooked Nose... Hello BEAUTIFUL Nose!! :) - Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir is the MVP of Plastic Surgery! Not only is he an amazing doctor but he's such a sweet man. He makes you feel so comfortable. Dr. Kassir's work doesn't disappoint! I finally love what I see in the mirror and it's all thanks him. I would highly and have highly recommended Dr. Kassir to other people. THANKS DR.KASSIR YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!



Perfection! - New York City, NY

Dr. Kassir fixed me from my terrible car accident that caused emotional & physical pain. I was terrified of surgery and would only have Dr. Kassir perform the operation. The surgery ended up being such an easy, wonderful experience. I am more than blessed Dr. Kassir became my friend, listened to me and kept my nose. I feel like myself again. The bump and lack of breathing was a constant reminder of the accident but now a weight has been lifted, I am 110% fixed & I have never felt more like me



Dr. Kassir Made Me Gorgeous! - New York, NY

Dr. Kassir listens to what you would like and really creates something beautiful. Good things come to those who may have to wait for it, just like any fabulous doctor. Appointment wait times can be annoying, but well worth it. The office staff is super nice and accommodating. Overall, wonderful experience. It's absolutely changed my life.



Very Happy - Wayne, NJ

After having my nose messed up a few times from boxing and wrestling I decided it was time to fix it aesthetically as well as improve my breathing. Dr. Kassir did an excellent job, super friendly, answered all my questions, and I recommend him highly to anyone considering a rhinoplasty. His staff are all very friendly and helpful and I could not be happier with the outcomes



Rhinoplasty. New York, NY

Dr. Kassir is extremely knowledgable and can easily perceive what you'll be asking him to correct. This helped calm my nerves, as I saw that he would become very involved in helping me obtain the best results possible. What really helped me connect with him freely was his funny, personable nature which I always look for (especially when you realize how many appointments you'll have post-op) so it very much helps he has such a friendly personality. Your concern is especially important to him, and I noticed he will not brush off any of your comments and tries to answer them honestly and openly. Thank you Dr. Kassir!



Dr. Kassir Fixed my Breathing & Corrected a Botched Rhinoplasty to Give Me a Perfect Nose! - New York, NY

I had always heard that Dr. Kassir was the best plastic surgeon in NYC, but I never knew I could have the opportunity to have him fix my nose. I had a rhinoplasty done about 5 years ago that was done by an unexperienced doctor



Personal Trainer, 42 Year Old, Mother of 3. Wayne, NJ

I recently got the Reaction skin tightening procedure done at Dr. kassirs office on the back of my legs, saddle bags, and butt area and I couldn't be more pleased. I am a personal trainer and I would say I am physically fit, but no matter how much time I have spent at the gym I just couldn't seem to get the results that I was able to get with Reaction.



Hispanic Female Finally Decided to Get my Nose Fixed - Wayne, NJ

Amazing, professional, sincere, kind, and an expert in his field.



Model with Nose Insecurity - New York, NY

As a NYC model/actress I am as picky as they come when it comes to beauty, health and wellness. I got a rhinoplasty from Dr. Kassir and my career has really lifted off since. I have even been in high consideration for beauty campaigns as of recently and I know it's just a matter of time before I am booked on one. I am beyond happy I put my trust in him.



Rhinoplasty - New York, NY

He is skilled with a very out-going personality. You won't be disappointed.



A Decade-Long Decision - New York

If you are at all nervous about any procedure, Dr. Kassir and his staff will put you at complete ease. He identified what it was that I disliked about my nose within seconds -- I had aleays thought I had a bump, when what it really was was a droopy tip. He really works with you and your facial symmetry to create a natural look. I now have the nose I always should have had.



Revision Rhinoplasty - New York, NY

DR Kassir is by far the best plastic surgeons I've been to. He has a great sense of humor and guarntees you are in the right hands and i was!



Rhinoplasty - New York

The commitment one makes to be the type of surgeon you are is so commendable. Your personal sacrifices are rewarded by the lives of every patient you see. Since my rhinoplasty there isn't a day that starts without being thankful to dr. Kassir. I am of Armenian ethnic background and it was so important to me to find a surgeon who specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty.



Very Satisfied - Wayne, NJ

Listened to my needs and made sure i was satisfied.



22 Year Old Male Coolsculpting on my Abdomen and Flanks! - Wayne, NJ

The staff kept me company during my treatment and I was so grateful!!! I recommend Dr. Kassir's office to anyone who wants amazing results, great prices and well trained staff. Dr. Kassir is a true artist and his passion for his work shows to all of his patients!



21 Year Old Male Lip Filler with Restylane - New York

I appreciated that Dr. Kassir took the time to explain the type of dermal filler he was using and why he thought it was the best option for me. He answered all of my questions and I always felt very comfortable in his office! The staff was always AMAZING and friendly!!!



Teen Rhinoplasty. New York, NY

I came across Dr kassir on Instagram and fell in love with his work. When we met he made me feel confident and comfortable and was understanding of what I wanted. He gave me everything and more that I asked for! I am so pleased with how my rhinoplasty came out and am glad I made this decision.



25 Year Old, Rhinoplasty. Manhattan, NY

Hello, going to keep this short. I had my nose done about three months ago by dr ramtin kassir, and I am very happy with my results. It looks amazing, it looks very natural, my nose is perfectly straight and fits my face much better than my original nose which was bigger, too big for my face. I am very happy with the results.



If You Want Lip Fillers GO TO DR. KASSIR! - Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir is very caring and knowledgeable. I am so happy with my appearance and my experience with him.



Finally Got a Rhinoplasty at 25, So Glad I Did It! - New York

I met Dr Kassir after a few consultations with a couple other doctors. I am grateful I waited to schedule the surgery until I met him.I was in such a rush to get a rhinoplasty done but people kept telling me you need to check a few surgeons and make an educated decision. Dr Kassir has such a great energy about him, so patient and calm.



dr. kassir has changed my life! - New York

Finally after so many nervous years contempating,I have the nose i was meant to be born with! Dr. Kassir is a blessing-- a true artist! My nose looks perfect for my face and extremely natural! Little background story-- I'm 27 years old now and have hated my profile for many, many years.



Student. New York, NY

I had a consultation with a very sweet cosmetologist and Dr. Kassir and they both made me feel comfortable and listened to my problem with my nose. I had a bump that was clearly visible from the side and I would often turn away whenever someone looked my way. I hated my nose and I wanted a change. The results are phenomenal and I am do glad that I had the surgery with Dr. Kassir.



Amay Nose Job He is a True Artist - New York, NY

Love dr kassir and his staff. Amazing results. The day of my surgery i was do Nervous they made me feel so comfortable. I had very little pain. I live in ny so they always worked with me & my schedule for the ny office. Dr kassir himself is the sweetest man ever treats his patients with care and delicasy. Thank you dr R. Kassir for mAking all of my nose dreams come true!


Lindsey D.

Beautiful Post Rhinoplasty! - New York, NY

Since I was 12 years old I knew I wanted to have a rhinoplasty. I was very unhappy with my profile, my nose wasn’t straight and I always felt like it masked my face. My biggest fear was going to the wrong doctor and looking completely different post surgery. I had done plenty of research on surgeons in the Tri State area and finally at the age of 28 I found the one!



Septorhinoplasty. Wayne, NJ

I am writing this review about 9 months after surgery because the reality is I always forget I got my nose fixed. After a week of getting the splint and everything removed I felt like I always had this nose. It feels so natural and I really don't even think about the process I went through. It was so simple and I am so happy with the results.



Most Definitely Worth It!! - Wayne, NJ

I am 46 years young, and have four children. While I have always tried to take care of myself physically (doing yoga, eating healthy, staying out of the sun, following a religious skincare regiment, etc.), there really IS only so much one can do when it comes to "feminine maintenance."



Natural Rhinoplasty - New York, NY

Dr. Kassir is definitely talented and naturally blessed with an artistic eye. He has the ability to recreate your nose, without losing your individuality. It's truly amazing the work he does in the sense that he is able to create a better version of your nose, and create a new “mold” based on the original one, there isn't a "one size fits all" mentality in his work.



Revision Rhinoplasty - Wayne, NJ

I had two previous bad rhinoplasty procedures which left me with a curve in my nose along with cartilage sticking out of the right side of my nose and on the left side of my nostril. I alway knew I wanted to fix my nose again but was very scared that the outcome was not going to be good.



21 Year Old , in NYC Insecure About Her Nose ! - Manhattan, NY

Dr. Kassir is a great guy with a good sense of humor. He's the type of person that makes you feel like you've known each other for years! So I wasn't nervous at all. I was able to explain why I came into his office in the first place. And he understood my needs or wants. He didn't make me feel like I was wrong , or kinda crazy for wanting a Rhinoplasty at 21. He told me this is the time to do it , while your young and get it out of the way for the rest of your life. "Do it once Properly , you don't need to worry about it again" And that's exactly how I'm feeling today! 10 days post op. I would definitely go back to him in the future for anything " Face" related.



Transformation!! - New York, NY

I went to Dr. Kassir after searching online for doctors that do "ethnic" rhinoplasty or African american rhinoplasty. I don't identify as African American since my family is of Caribbean descent. 



Rhinoplasty After Years of Waiting!! - New York, NY

I had been thinking of doing a rhinoplasty for years and once I committed to it, I began to search for the right surgeon. As soon as I met Dr. Kassir, I knew he was the one. He was so sweet, attentive, detailed, and really helped guide me along the process. I was nervous about the procedure in general but felt really at easy with Dr. Kassir and the results were phenomenal. 



Alar Base Reduction - Wayne, NJ

I went to see Dr. Kassir for an alar base reduction consultation. After much research and thought I decided to go with him, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Not only is Dr. Kassir very skilled and talented as a plastic surgeon, he is so easy to work with. He was receptive and caring.



Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant - BEST Decision Ever - Wayne, NJ

I have contemplated the decision to change my nose for the last 20+ years. I liked my nose, but never really loved it. I always felt like it was slightly to large for my face, and I never liked my profile. In fact, my profile was always my main issue with my nose. Over the last 5 years, I visited with a few different rhinoplasty surgeons.



19 Year-old - Amazing Rhinoplasty! - New York, NY

Dr. Kassir is incredible. He did a beautiful job - my nose is even better than what I was dreaming of. He knew exactly what to do and exceeded all expectations!



Nick Masi - Wayne, NJ

My experience with Dr Kassir was far better than I expected. He is extremely smart and will always give you his honest opinion. His staff is great and filled with kind and warm-hearted people. My procedure has been truly life changing and I recommend, at the very least, speaking with him if you are thinking about getting any procedure done.



Dr. Kassir is the Best. I Love my New Nose! - New York

Not only is Dr. Ramtin Kassir the most skilled plastic surgeon, but a great guy too. Caring, open to all my many questions about the procedure, with an excellent bedside manner. He cares about each and every patient he sees.



Amazing Work - Manhattan, New York

Dr. Kassir is amazing at what he does. I really in courage to get your rhinoplasty here. He is exetemely professionally and prepared at what he does. He gives you results that are goregous and make you the best person you can be. Everything about his staff and him is just amazing. Aftee getting ur surgery the recovery is a joke. 



Rhinoplasty - New York, New York

I have disliked my nose, especially my profile, for most of my life. Earlier this year I decided to finally make the change and have rhinoplasty. Although I was excited about having a nose I truly loved and that fit me my face, I was initially very intimated by the prospect of choosing the right surgeon.



Rhinoplasty by Dr. Kassir - Wayne, NJ

I was very unhappy with the overall size and shape of my nose ever since I was young. I hated my profile so much that I avoided certain angles in photos because of it. I realized it was time to make a change. I went to a few rhinoplasty consultations, but I was still hesitant to move forward. Part of my concern was looking “fake” or unlike my natural self. 



I'm so happy at one year post-op! Beautiful result! 35 year-old female.

Dr. Kassir is personable, knowledgeable, nice, caring, considerate, etc. Too many wonderful attributes to list.



19 Year Old Rhinoplasty. Wayne, NJ

I don't think you can find someone more capable to perform this procedure!



Non-surgical Nose Job Wayne, NJ - 34 Years old.

Let me first start by saying that I am 34 years old and I've always had anxiety. However, right after I had my daughter and lost all my baby weight, I began to notice my nose. It was all I could see when I looked in the mirror. So, I finally decided I wanted to get a nose job but the thought of surgery scared me so much that I went seeking an alternative. Being the nervous nelly that I am, I did a lot of research and saw Dr. Kassir's before and after photos online plus he was recommended to me by friends and family members. I also saw that he uses the safest and effective fillers available which eased my mind. Thank goodness I chose him because the results he achieved without surgery are what I expected with surgery! My mother asked me if I contoured my nose when she saw me a few days after the procedure so that's exactly the kind of results I was seeking - subtle, yet different enough that it's a noticeable change for the better. I would highly recommend this procedure and only this doctor to perform it if you're like me, on the fence about getting a surgical nose job or you have anxiety about anesthesia or surgery or whatever it is that bothers you. If I ever do muster up my courage and go through with surgery, I will trust my nose to no one but Dr. Kassir! He definitely gives natural looking results and I experienced no pain or bruising. This was such a confidence booster and I'm no longer contouring my nose, trying to hide it. Im actually proud of the way it looks and I'm so happy with the results! Dr. Kassir is very down to earth, practical, and makes you feel good about yourself. Not pushy, very relaxed demeanor which makes a person with anxiety like me much more comfortable, and he does a prompt yet effective and beautiful job. Wonderful doctor. Made me feel comfortable about my choices and was very understanding of my anxiety.



Rhinoplasty (07/23/15) - Wayne, NJ

Hi! I recently had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Kassir in his Wayne NJ location and I wanted to share my experience. The surgery went smoothly and the recovery was quick to my surprise. I am absolutely in-love with my results. My nose has always been my biggest insecurity and now feel I don't have to hide behind my hair.



Rhinoplasty - New York

Dr. Kassir was a great surgeon , he did a wonderful job . I couldn't be happier with my results , he made me feel very safe. If anyone wants to do a Rhinoplasty i recommend Dr. Kassir without a doubt.



22 Woman So Happy I Got my Nose Done by Dr. Kassir - Wayne, NJ

He is an amazing doctor I definitely recommend him to anyone !!



This Doctor Changed My Life! Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir is a wonderful doctor. I had him perform my rhinoplasty. He immediately made me feel comfortable when having my consultation with him which I believe is a very important factor when deciding who you want to be working on your face. I cannot be happier with my results, I completely trusted him and he came through for me with flying colors.



Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty - Wayne, NJ

Ever since I was 12 I wanted to get my nose done and now at 20 I finally did it! I'm so happy with my new nose and how it looks! And on another note I can breathe so much better too! Dr. Kassir and his staff were great. I got a rhinoplasty to remove the large bump on my nose and a septoplasty to fix my deviated septum this past May.



Rhinoplasty - NJ

Dr. Kassir is an incredible individual! After the consultation, I knew he was the surgeon I had been searching for. He is very honest and made me feel as though I was in good hands. I am very pleased with the results because my nose looks very natural and makes me feel and look more feminine. I highly recommend Dr. Kassir to anyone looking to have a rhinoplasty done.



Crooked Asian Nose - Wayne, NJ

I was pretty nervous coming in for my procedure but immediately, I felt welcomed. The girls from the staff were kind enough to share their stories with me and show their before and after pictures. When Dr. Kassir arrived, he knew exactly how to fix my unique nose without having me explain the obvious. He perfected my nose and for that reason, I trust his expertise. 



After 14 Years of Procrastinating, It Was Time - Wayne, NJ

I came to Dr.Kassir for a rhinoplasty. I had wanted my nose done for more than half of my life. I had been researching for the perfect doctor for YEARS and finally found him. My nose came out better than I ever imagined it would and looks completely natural. I feel like a completely different person changed for the better! Thank you Dr.Kassir and his incredible staff for all they have done.



So Happy - 100% Worth It !!! - New York

He was professional and made amazing results !!



Unique Natural Nose and I Can Breathe! - New York, NY

He is very calm at all times and knows what he is doing. He takes the time to talk to you and develop a level of trust. He truly cares about what you have to say and his patients well being. I feel comfortable sharing concerns with him.



Amazing Doctor - New York

Dr Kassir is a wonderful, talented surgeon. It was very easy to see that rhinoplasty is his passion. He is passionate in everything that he does. He is very intelligent, caring, funny and he truly cares about his patients. He never rushed me, or pushed me into getting the surgery, until I was ready. I was having alot of sinus infections and i was having a hard time breathing. From the amazing experience I had I would go through the process all over again. My results are amazing and so natural. I praise and respect Dr Kassir. I can breathe better. I am so happy that I chose him. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Dr Kassir!



Undereye Hollowness, Dark Circles - Wayne, NJ

Dr. kassir was so nice and patient. I was really nervous beforehand about getting injections. He answered all my questions and some were crazy! He made me laugh and feel relaxed. His staff was comforting, happy, nice, accommodating. I recommend Dr. Kassir to any one looking for any kind of cosmetic surgery or anything! He is truly a gem! I could not be happier everyone needs to see this man!



Best Rhinoplasty! New Jersey, NJ

I had my open rhinoplasty with Dr. Kassir about 8 months ago and I am extremely happy with my results and with the whole experience throughout. I am a physician myself and thoroughly researched my options and the plastic surgeons available to perform the surgery. I am glad to say I definitely made the right decision in choosing Dr. Kassir!



33 Year Old Woman- Revision Rhinoplasty- Mini Facelift @ Fractional CO2 Laser for Acne Scars - New York, NY

Dr. Ramtin Kassir of 799 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. is an angel sent to me from up above. He has given me my life back with just one day of surgery. Let me explain… Five years ago, I took the acne medication, Accutane. My family advised me not to. I really didn’t have much acne, but thought to myself… maybe I will never get a pimple or a blackhead ever again!



Fractional Laser After Accutane - Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir, his nurses, and his assistants are nothing but helpful. I had the fractional laser surgery which went very well. If I needed another surgery, I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Dr. Kassir. I am even still using his skin care products 4 months later. If you are looking for a doctor for A facial CO2 laser resurfacing surgery, look no further. Dr. Kassir and his team are the best around.



Revision Rhinoplasty - Wayne, NJ

A very nice surgeon who pays attention to detail!



Rhinoplasty - Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir is humble, talented, funny, and a true artist. I have had the best experience with my rhinoplasty and will be forever grateful for finding Dr. Kassir and the amazing work he has done to fix my biggest insecurity!!



Good 'Ol Ethnic Hump and Deviated Septum. New York, NY

So here's my story: I'm Pakistani, and was unhappy with the bump of top of my nose, and the tip which droops while smiling. Always took pictures with my right side of face (which looked a tad bit better). I also had a deviated septum. I did extensive research on finding the best doctor for this procedure. As this is the person who will alter/shape a part of your face - which can't be hidden.



This Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Was the Best Thing Ever ! New York, NY

Et me start by saying that Dr Kassir is the best and he is a really humble person. I cannot thank him and his team enough for everything they have done for me. I am of Indian Ethnicity and I was unhappy with the shape and size of my nose and I wanted to try something non-surgical. About 9 months ago, I visited Dr Kassir and he performed a non-surgical procedure on my nose.



35 Years Old - Manhattan, NY

I traveled all the way from Philly to get septhorhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Kassir who specializes in Ethinic rhinoplasty. And I must say Dr. Kassir did an amazing job with my nose. I couldn't be happier with my results. My septum was corrected and the bump that I had on my nose is no longer there. I absolutely love that my nose looks so natural and perfect!



Extremely Satisfied - Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir is fantastic! From my first consultation with him, I knew he was the surgeon I was going to choose for my rhinoplasty. I have always disliked my nose and it was time that I finally did something about it, I was ready for a change. When I first met with Dr. Kassir, I addressed all of my concerns with him and he agreed with what had to be done.



Broken Nose & Bad Previous Rhinoplasty! I Cant Breathe! - Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir has been nothing but perfect my entire procedure. He answered questions and even phone calls on a Sunday the day after my surgery. He was even willing to go into the office on a Sunday to take something out of my nose that was causing me to have anxiety. He's a sweetheart and really does listen to everything you say. For any other procedure I decide to get in the future - he will be my man. Hands down. He is a true artist not only with his artwork but his patients. I can't thank him enough.



16 Year Old Girl Wanted a Cute Nose - Manhattan, NY

Dr. Kassir has been very nice and welcoming. I felt very safe and comfortable knowing he would take care of me.



God of Rhinoplasty - Wayne, NJ

He is the best. I tell everyone this was the best decision of my life (besides college). I only went for a consultation with him and booked my surgery that same day because I KNEW he was the one! I hated my nose with a passion, it was too long, too pointy... and dr.kassir gave me the nose I was meant to have! The tip is still swollen but I can see in my profile the amazing job he did,



Dr. Kassir: Non-surgical Cheek, Chin, and Nose Procedures - Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir and his staff are extremely patient, professional, and caring. He was very thorough and honest in explaining what procedures would be best for my personal situation, and what I can expect. Additionally, Dr. Kassir cares very much about your satisfaction even after the procedure is over. About an hour after I had these injections done, I came back to the office unannounced (at 8pm, mind you!), worried about my chin swelling and Dr. Kassir did not at all mind meeting with me to explain that it would dissipate within the next one-two days (which it did!). He truly goes above and beyond. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!



Better Than the Nose I've Always Wanted! - Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir is a true artist who takes time to match your nose to your face. It will come out natural and very pleasing to the eye. He showed me what would look best on my face and he was dead on. He listens to your desires and he delivered a mix of exactly what I wanted on top of his artistic eye for beauty. He is an easy going, easy to talk to guy. I cannot get along with someone who doesn't respond well to my jokes, rambling, and small talk. Its me, its what I do. I also have a hearing impairment that irritates some people. If you have to repeat yourself and you look at me in an annoyed manner, again, we wont get along. Communicating with Dr. Kassir was an absolute pleasure, he was patient, fun, and friendly. His staff is great as well. Discussing fee and payment was a breeze, which was handled quickly and efficiently. They will check with your insurance to see if anything can be covered for you as well. If you want your nose done, Dr. Kassir is your guy. I highly recommend Dr. Kassir to anyone.



Amazing! -Wayne, NJ

I just had rhinoplasty and septoplasty with Dr. Kassir 7 days ago and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Looking at my new nose for the first time was such an overwhelming and joyous experience for me that I cried. I've always wanted to 'fix' my nose since I was a teenager, I always hated taking pictures and the first thing I always looked at when I met someone was their nose.



Happy - satisfied with the current results and excited to see how it will heal - Wayne, NJ

i have a few friends that have gone to dr kassir for their noses so, after extensive research, i decided to go to him as well. so far i am VERY glad i did. i was very satisfied with the office and surgery experience and felt completely comfortable with him.



Dr. Kassir- A Master of His Craft - New York, NY

When I started thinking about potentially getting plastic surgery (rhinoplasty), I had a vision in my head of what it would be like. You immediately think of people who look fake, vain, and of course a fleeting image of Michael Jackson comes to mind. All things that, of course, we try to avoid in life. However, I brushed all this aside and tried to stay positive- that I would find a surgeon...



Dr. Kassir is AMAMZING! - Manhattan, NY

I originally met with Dr. Kassir 3 years ago for a rhinoplasty consultation and although I felt very confident in his abilities then, I simply wasn't emotionally ready to undergo the procedure. Now, 3 years later, having gone through the surgery, I say to myself, "Why did I wait so long?" I could not be happier with the results of my rhinoplasty. My greatest fear was that I would look completely different; that I would lose my ethnic look, but that wasn't the case at all. The results were so natural that those who were not close to me did not notice that I had any work done at all. What I did hear a lot of was, "wow, you look amazing!" , "Are you doing something different with your make-up?" "You look younger!" The results are truly perfect. Dr. Kassir is not only a highly skilled surgeon, but he is an artist who is passionate about the work that he does. He takes his time to sit with you and thoroughly explain the procedure and what you can and should expect. His staff is also very helpful. There were times when I would e-mail his receptionist Jamie daily and she would get back to me within the hour. The staff truly make you feel comfortable and they go out of their way to accommodate you.. My nose is beautiful and for the first time in my life I can say this is the nose I was always meant to have. In reference to the actual surgery, it was really not painful at all. I was uncomfortable for a few days thereafter, but that is too be expected. I had some bruising, but within a week I was out and about and back to my normal routine. Dr. K provides you with specific instructions before and after surgery that definitely help to expedite the healing process. He will also be sure to see you frequently after surgery to be sure you are healing correctly. I recommend him wholeheartedly. He is responsible for the new and improved me =0)



Dr.Kassir Changed My Life - Wayne, NJ

By the time I was 6 years old, I had broken my nose 3 times. Even after surgery, I was told that I needed to get another procedure at 18 because my bones and cartilage were still broken and would grow crooked. And boy did they! My nose was extremely twisted and disfigured and I was the constant source of teasing and harassment by people who thought I was born that way-aka ugly!



Loved Dr. Kassir and Dysport/Botox -Wayne, NJ

Had an excellent experience with Dr. Kassir and Dysport. I heard about him through friends as I had high expectations going in. He exceeded my expectations and I never looked better (and like myself). He is definitely an advanced injector as he used techniques that I have never seen before and I've been to multiple providers.




Acne Scars No Longer a Problem - Wayne, NJ

I have undergone this procedure two times with approximately 3 years in between both treatments. My face is so much clearer than I ever thought possible and I have actually reached the point where I feel comfortable in public without foundation on my skin. Truly, a miracle for me! 



44 Yrs Old

Our initial meeting- outstanding.



So Happy! Finally - Wayne, NJ

I wouldn't go anywhere else. Dr kassir is so knowledgable and such a pleasant guy to speak and deal with. He made myself and my husband ( who is against plastic surgery) so comfortable. Even as I was in recovery he sat with my husband and just chatted about random things. Just a great guy overall! Very artistic and it shows in his work. Very happy with my results- would recommend him to all without hesitation.



Ultherapy - New York, NY

I found his practice online and after my consultation I decided to do non surgical procedure first and then after some experience with his practice do my face lift, so I did full face Ultherapy two months ago and I am so thrilled with the result, it was a bit painful but worth it. Thank you Dr.Kassir and Dr.M



AMAZING!!! Your Search Ends Here! - Wayne, NJ

I just saw Dr. Kassir because the last doctor did not do a good job with fillers. I paid a butt load of money and saw minimal changes and even one side was worse! I did my research online and was impressed with Dr. Kassir's track record, tv appearances, and testimonials. The staff is warm and welcoming and Dr. Kassir did a PHEMONENAL job. He is an artist! His plan for me and injection method showed his amazing skill and his bedside manner attentive and friendly.



Thrilled with Results - Wayne, NJ

I consulted with Dr. Kassir for a face and eyelid lift. The results were natural and as predicted. The healing process was more involved than I had anticipated. Dr. Kassir was supportive of my weight loss in achieving the desired result. I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Kassir and his office staff. Dr. Kassir was supportive of my weight loss in achieving the desired result. I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Kassir and his office staff.



Dr. Kassir Changed my Life - New York, NY

I cannot say enough how grateful I am to Dr. Kassir. My opinion of plastic surgery is completely open. The aging process happens to all of us. Sometimes, like in my case a tick bite and an accident speed up the process abnormally and thank God there is a gifted surgeon, who cares about his patients and can reverse that damage.



I Look 12 Yrs Younger, Instantly! - New York, NY

Dr. Kassir is a true artist of beauty. I am 40 and went in for a fresh look and he elegantly explained what he thought would be best for me right now - dysport and restylane, here and there. He is on the cutting edge of the injectables, I was so impressed with my results of restylane injected into the upper portions of my face through my mouth! No pain, bruising or swelling. He is extremely talented, and his entire practice is a top-notch organization. I can't stop looking in the mirror, because I look like I did when I was 28, but nobody suspects a thing! Follow-up 2 wks later with complimentary dysport. No other dr does that! He is amazing, thank you Dr. Kassir!



Good Experience! - New York, NY

Love his manner, very honest and Kind!


Cali Nick

Nose Job - New York

I flew from the west coast to get my nose done by Dr. Kassir. His staff made me feel right at home. My nose is perfect and I will refer all friends and family to him. For those contemplating surgery with Dr. Kassir I want you to know that he is really an artist. :)




Weight Loss - New York, NY

I couldn't have achieved better results if it wasn't for Dr. Kassir's expertise advice , support and guidance throught my weight loss.I wouldn't trust anyone else with my face and you shouldn't either .He is the best !



Monica Redmond

I had rhinoplasty in December 2017. My nose looks so much better and I can breathe! Every morning I wake up, I can’t believe how great it feels to breathe out of both nostrils. I traveled to see Dr Kassir because of his excellent post op results. I am still healing-my nose just feels a little stiff in the tip area. But the results were obvious at about 2 months after the procedure. Dr Kassir is a very skilled surgeon who can see what looks best for each individual. And he also listens-I gave him pictures of noses I admire and he used them to sculpt the nose I have now. If my daughter is interested in getting hers done, I will be bringing her to Dr Kassir. And the same goes for friends who are interested.


Sahar Eftekhar

I had a non surgical rhinoplasty completed last Month! The procedure was painless and quick. Dr. Kassir is professional, knowledgeable, and amazing at what he does. He has an eye for beauty and his work is an art. I am so pleased with the results! I will 100% be coming back again! I myself am a physician and I felt very comfortable with Dr.Kassir. I would not go to just any doctor for this procedure. I highly recommend Dr.Kassir and the non surgical rhinoplasty!


Mike s

Wonderful staff and an amazing Doctor! Everyone was so pleasant from the moment I booked my appointment with a women named Paula to the moment I left the office with a huge hug from the office manager. I am very happy with my fillers and will be back to get them done again. Dr. Kassir cares about all his patients and follows up with you after just a couple of weeks of leaving his office.
I see a lot of negative reviews- these people are cheap, haters and want so much done to themselves at little to no cost. Its America and it doesn't work that way, you have to pay especially when it comes to plastics to get what you want! Its so horrible to see, even as a happy patient, all the stupid/negative things said about the Doctor and his staff. He is one of NYC's top plastic surgeons for a reason people, don't hate!!
I will most definitely recommend Dr. Kassir to all my friends and family!


Ant Corso

AMAZING TRIPLE BOARD CERTIFIED FACIAL PLASTIC SURGEON! Deciding to have a chin implant with submental liposuction was the best decision I have made. Dr. Ramtin Kassir and his staff have been great throughout my entire experience. Even after losing weight, my chin and neck bothered me. In my consult, Dr Kassir decided an extra large chin implant and double chin liposuction would be best to shape my face- I 100% agreed.My chin implant is everything I wanted and more! It’s important to be able to ask as many questions as you want and Dr Kassir and his staff allowed me to feel comfortable to do that. By taking the time to measure my face and see what implant would suit me best, Dr Kassir delivered and exceeded my expectations. The small scar under my chin is not noticeable and I had zero pain. I would highly reccomend Dr Kassir because he is a true artist who connects with his patients and makes them feel important.


Noory Baby

I didn’t even get to do my nose yet. My first meeting Dr Kassir and I’m in love. 


Michael Bryce

Dr. Kassir is not only an incredible artist but he and his staff are so warm, professional, kind-hearted, and helpful. I felt at home even just talking to them.
Maya, thank you so much for your help. You are all amazing!


Christina M

I wish I had gone to Dr. Kassir for my 1st 2 surgeries. He fixed the other surgeons mistakes which wasn't cheap, but what reconstruction is?

I still have some remaining issues from my 1st 2 surgeries with the other doctor I had seen before, but so far i'm happy. I highly recommend him as a surgeon for reconstruction & if you're lucky enough to have not made the mistake I made, go to him 1st!!! Do not look for budgets when doing a surgery or anything to do with your body.


Maria Rincon

Looking back at old pictures and seeing myself now reassures me as to why I made the right decision. I absolutely love my new nose !! Do not do what I did and stress yourself out! You're in the hands of one of the most outstanding and remarkable plastic surgeons out there. Take it from a patient who's consulted with 6 different plastic surgeons and has done a heavy amount of research to do this procedure with. Dr. Kassir fixed my nose while still allowing it to look like me. I knew from the minute I stepped into his office that he had a goal to accomplish and that was gaining me my full confidence.


Jessica Carlson

I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Kassir and it was the best decision I ever made! At first I was nervous but Dr. Kassir and his amazing staff make you feel comfortable. I LOVE my nose and I don't think anyone else could have done a better job. I have already recommended him to a few people. If you are looking for a doctor pick him!


Amanda Buchanan

If you are looking for the right surgeon, look no further - you found him! I went to Dr. Kassir for non-cosmetic sinus surgery/septoplasty.   I had a severely deviated septum and one nostril was almost completely closed off, making it very difficult to breathe through my nose. There are many studies that show very important health benefits through clear nasal breathing and I knew I needed the operation for my health. I chose Dr. Kassir to do my surgery for a number of reasons. I have had previous surgeries for an autoimmune disease and I know the importance of having a great surgeon-I wanted no complications and a smooth operator. Surgery is not something to be taken lightly, especially when your face is involved. There are a lot of things you can short change in life, but surgery on your face is simply just not one of them. I did a lot of research to find the best of the best and that was Dr. Kassir, who is not a local Dr. for me, but well worth the drive. He is triple board certified and specializes in the operation that I was having. I had no pain with my surgery, little swelling and no bruising. The recovery was very easy and I know that’s attributed to his talent and experience. The appearance of my nose was not altered in any way, if anything it might be a little straighter than it was. Not only is he a talented surgeon, but also a great listener and a compassionate person. He is kind, easygoing and very professional. Dr. Kassir truly cares about the quality of his patient’s lives and it shows. My office visits were informative, educational and exactly what any patient would want out of an appointment. His office staff is the most friendly and helpful group I have ever seen, and I’ve been to a lot of Dr’s offices in my life.  They made the process of my surgery a comfortable one and were always available for questions or concerns. I received calls from the office and surgical center after surgery to check in on my wellbeing and had several post op visits to ensure my healing. I went with Dr. Kassir because there was no doubt that he would do the best job, and he did. I highly recommend his practice.


Liana Cundari

I had my nose done by Dr. Kassir two weeks ago and him and his entire staff made the whole experience great. I was extremely worried about the surgery but it was easier than I could have imagined. I had no pain after surgery just a little discomfort. My nose is more perfect than I could have ever imagined he did such a great job and I am so happy. I couldn't be more thankful for him and how happy he has made me.


Love Luxury

I have been going to Dr.Kassir for various treatments for many years. Dr.Kassir is is a brilliant and extremely skilled doctor.His work is impeccable and very natural.I have had Dysport to help with the lines and wrinkles I started seeing on my face and Restylane injections to make my lips fuller. I couldn't be happier with the results. The girls in the office have always been kind, helpful and considerate.


Julia W

I had a great experience having my rhinoplasty with Dr. Kassir. He was very thorough and gave us plenty of time, and I was especially happy that he and I had the same vision for my nose. The staff was incredibly helpful, and guided us through paperwork and budgeting. When the day of my operation came, I wasn't nervous at all because Dr. Kassir had my full trust. After the rhinoplasty I had no pain whatsoever and the prescribed aftercare aided with swelling. My nose looks natural and I am extremely happy with the results.



Dr. Kassir and his staff are one of a kind, in the best way possible. My experience can only be attributed with positive characteristics. Five stars all around. I could not be happier to have undergone surgery here.


Didem Karabas

I think it's so important for me to write a review because before my procedure, I made sure to read every review on the internet. Many of those reviews were misleading. I read reviews saying Dr. Kassir didn't pay attention or didn't care about what the patient had to say and that is so false. I can't say enough good things about everyone who works at the NYC office. Caitlyn was the first person I spoke to and she took my pictures. She had the softest, nicest voice. She was soo sweet. Araksya the patient coordinator was also so nice in really getting to know you and what you want. The nurse practitioner Jaime the day of my surgery was also so nice. I was freaking out and so nervous and she really did everything to calm my nerves. And lastly, Dr. Kassir was such a wonderful doctor. I never felt he was in a rush to be somewhere else. He sat with us and talked to us as if he had all the time in the world. He really took the time to explain the procedure and answer any questions I had. If you have any doubt, DON'T!!!! Go for the consult and see for yourself what a wonderful practice this is !!!



I decided to undergo rhinoplasty surgery and am now 3 weeks post op. I could not be happier with my results. My nose looks very natural and fits perfectly with my face. I went for a consultation and I knew right away that Dr Kassir was the right doctor. Dr Kassir and his staff are very friendly and make a comfortable atmosphere for his patients. They describe the whole process step by step and show you a computer fixed picture of how you will look after the surgery. Under going surgery can be scary but it is not as bad as you would think. There is absolutely no pain!!! I would 100% recommended Dr Kassir to anyone who is considering rhinoplasty trust me you will not regret it. 


Victoria Caputo

I got a rhinoplasty with dr kassir last week, I am almost 2 weeks post op and I am in no pain, the whole entire process was not painful at all. I did not have to take any pain killers. I encourage anyone who has felt uncomfortable about themselves because of their nose to check out Dr. Kassir and his team. Throughout the whole thing I felt comfortable and understood with the way I was explained everything. I am in love with my results and feel so much better about myself.


Lanie Love

Dr Kassir and his staff provided the most amazing experience for me.I had wanted rhinoplasty for years but could never find a doctor that I trusted. From the moment I first met Dr, Kassir and his staff I knew I had FINALLY found the doctor I trusted. Dr Kassir is a true artist who makes each persons nose unique for your face.

I'm happier with my appearance than I have ever been. I'm two weeks post op and I wake up every morning happier than ever.

Thank you so much to Dr Kassir and his wonderful caring staff.


Paul Mart

From day 1 of meeting Dr Kassir till the present which is roughly 2 years my thoughts of having the right guy for the job has never wavered. It took me 2 dozen doctors and years of looking before finding someone who's enthusiasm and passion for what they do would make me feel confident enough to pull the trigger with surgery. Even though I am still healing I am very happy with the results and that I put myself in the hands of a caring doctor and staff. I always wanted to find a real review before surgery that would make me feel like I was making the right decision with who I was choosing and that I would be safe I hope this review gives you the confidence in knowing this doctor and staff are not only excellent at what they do but also care about not only the results but happiness of the people who count on them for fantastic results. Thank you doc and staff for a job well done


Nicole Sigalova

Picking dr. Kassir was the best decision I ever made. My nose looks amazing now.


Kris M

Dr. Kassir is an amazing surgeon! I had my rhino/septoplasty 6 months ago. I visited with many surgeons, but I was never fully confident until I met with Dr. Kassir. Dr Kassir delivered on my hopes & expectations. It takes an artistic eye to deliver the stunning work that Dr. Kassir does for his patients. 

I experienced a lot of anxiety immediately after the cast was removed. I saw a nose that was more upturned than I wanted after cast removal, however as weeks passed by after surgery and swelling decreased, my nose began revealing its new shape and I’m now very happy with my result. Patience is such a vital part of the healing process, the full results come with time.

Not only did he give me a nose which is aesthetically beautiful, but he greatly improved my breathing function as well.

I think Dr. Kassir is very honest, makes you feel comfortable and is fantastic at what he does. I would recommend him because he cares for his patients and provides stunning work.


Vera Shkreli

Undergoing cosmetic surgery, especially facial plastic surgery, is a serious and very personal choice. I trusted my life to the hands and artistry of Dr. Ramtin Kassir. Dr. Kassir was highly recommended by a good friend of mine who went to him personally. After consulting with four other surgeons for a total facelift, my instinct told me Dr. Kassir was the one. I was not only impressed by his background, qualifications, and expertise, but also the impeccable work he's done on previous patients. What made me feel most comfortable was his professionalism and compassion. It's only days since my surgery and I couldn't have asked for a better experience or outcome. I experienced zero pain after the procedure. None, some bruising and swelling of course, but I am absolutely pain free and with no narcotic medications. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Kassir and his extraordinary, efficient, and friendly staff for taking such good care of me. Your reputation and results speak for themself. This is just a small thank you to express the immense gratitude I have for you all.


D Turbides

After 10 years of dealing with various issues with my nose Dr. Kassir was highly recommended. I made an appointment for a consultation and that was the day my life changed. Not only is he knowledgeable and a fantastic person but his only focus throughout the process was making sure I achieved my goal and got better. I would recommend Dr. Kassir over any other plastic surgeon any time I and encourage others to seek him with any issues they may be dealing with. You will not be disappointed and your quality of life will change forever!


Bari Litvack

Dr. Kassir is warm, patient, and understanding. Dr. Kassir's confidence and experience immediately put me at ease from the minute I met him. He is an exquisite artist and I am so pleased with my rhinoplasty results just 6 weeks later. The procedure was painless and his staff took amazing care of me and answered all questions I had throughout the healing process. My healing was extremely quick and that is attributed to the highest quality techniques that Dr. Kassir specializes in. I highly recommend Dr. Kassir. He is the best plastic surgeon in Manhattan that gives you a natural look that fits your face. I feel so confident and beautiful. I am so grateful for all Dr. Kassir has done!


Madison Nicolaa

I decided to try out a non surgical rhinoplasty and I could not be happier with the results. It was quick and painless and the results were visible right away. Ever since, I have gained much more confidence in my profile and feel it gives my face a more feminine look. Now I am not afraid of showing off my side view! Very pleased with the results! Thank you Dr. Kassir for an amazing procedure!


Joelle Catalano

Dr. Kassir is an extraordinary plastic surgeon & incomparable to all others! This man has changed my life. l have suffered from severe migraines, had facial pain, and couldn't breathe from the left side of my nose for as long as I can remember. Nasal surgery is something I should have had done a long time ago but being a basic stubborn Italian woman, I was always too afraid. The thought of walking into something I've never had done before and walking out knowing I was going to look different was unsettling. But all my worries went away the minute I met Dr. Kassir! He is the most talented plastic surgeon and a true perfectionist. What Michael Angelo is to painting, Dr. Kassir is to noses! He and his team are so caring in which they all take the time to answer all your questions and make you super comfortable. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have been so afraid or waited so long. I had an easy recovery and was up and feeling good the next day after surgery! My migraines have decreased tremendously, I no longer have any facial pain, I can breathe!, and my nose is absolutely PERFECT while still looking natural. Knowing that I wouldn't have had such an easy time post surgery or have been this satisfied with my results with anyone else other than Dr. Kassir, I am extremely happy I chose him as my doctor!! And I know that you will feel the same too!


Tiffany Ahee

After 28 years I finally took the chance and changed something I was insecure about for a very long time. Though I was nervous, Dr. Kassir and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable, listened to exactly what I wanted and ensured me I was in great hands. I am two weeks post-op for my rhinoplasty and I will say, I was in extremely great hands. Dr. Kassir made me look better than the pictures I sent!! They were there when I had questions and continue to take care of me after my surgery. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Kassir. He has changed my life in so many ways and I will be forever grateful!


Paige Evans

First, I would like to say how AMAZING my Rhinoplasty results are! I have never felt more confident in my life.

Dr. Kassir was the third surgeon that I saw before deciding who's hands I trusted my nose in. When visiting him back in January, I never felt more comfortable with a surgeon in my life. He gave me a complete overview of the procedure and showed me through a computer app what my nose would look like post surgery. We discussed my options and moved on to the next step which was the price/financing options.

The price was the highest out of the three doctors that I saw; however, I had to realize that Rhinoplasty is something that he specializes in and does a BEAUTIFUL job every single time. This was something that I knew I wanted to invest in. The admirable staff helped me with all of my financing options and helped get me into an appointment within three weeks of my visit! THREE WEEKS! Dr. Kassir arranged his busy schedule just to coordinate with me.

Now let's talk about the most important thing... my results. Before surgery, I had zero confidence. I was so insecure about the bump on my nose and the fact that it turned upwards. I would never let my friends take pictures of me from the side. Dr. Kassir met my expectations 100%. He showed me what it would look like before he even performed the surgery and my nose looked identical afterwards. It is beautiful! I would not take back this decision and would do it a million times over.

He prescribed medicine for the before and after care which assisted in the healing process. I had minimal bruising for the first three days after the Rhinoplasty, and I was back to work in seven days!

Anyone who is considering Dr. Kassir should not hesitate! He is so talented and so genuine! He remembers his patients and makes an effort (knowing his busy schedule) to reach out and communicate with his patients post-surgery. Anyone going back and forth between getting a procedure by Dr. Kassir should not hesitate and should make the move as soon as possible! I promise you won't regret it!


Linda Cipolla

Dr. Kassir did an amazing job on my nose. I have wanted to fix my nose since I was a little girl. I met Dr Kassir while I accompanied my son on his consultation and he was able to show me how I would look after the procedure. Dr Kassir made me feel so comfortable that I decided to finally do it. And I couldn't be happier. I would recommend Dr Kassir over and over again. Thank you again


Asena Sahutoglu

Dr. Kassir is THE best Facial Plastic Surgeon out there. I have researched endlessly all over the US and have interviewed many doctors; but Dr. Kassir takes the throne. He is a perfectionist, very talented, a sweetheart, and funny! I immediately knew he was the doctor for me after speaking to him for a mere 5 minutes. He makes you feel very comfortable, at ease, and has stellar bedside manners. Basically, I had an amazing experience with him. No pain.


Araksya Hovsepyan

I had the best experience by the best triple board, Rhinoplasty Specialist, artists and plastic surgeon Dr Kassir. I had an Armenian nose which was reconstructed in the most natural way that even my friends didn't realize I had anything done. I am ecstatic with my results. He is a true artist ,genius, his work is phenomenal and Had I known my results I would have never hesitated. Everyone at the office is really nice and professional - the entire team made my experience extra special. Thank you Dr Kassir !


Sarai DeLeon

The experience I had and continue to have is the absolute BEST. I had issues with my nose; I didn't love the appearance of my nose, I lost the sense of smell, I was CONSTANTLY sneezing, had runny nose, and constant headaches. It got down the point that I had to stop drinking because that also causes instant headaches. So I found Dr.Kassir and boy am i glad I did. I went to him and long story short he not only made the appearance of my nose exactly how I wanted (natural and feminine) but he fixed all my problems!!! I can smell again! I no longer get headaches! All thanks to the expertise of Dr. Kassir. Not only is he the best EMT and best plastic surgeon in the east coast , but he truly has the best team; every time I go to his office I am treated so well. Thank you Dr. Kassir and team, you all are the best !


Sharon Pinkhasov

I am certain that the services he and his staff provide are far more superior than any I have ever seen. I`ve never been this confident and satisfied with my physical appearance. No pain, little discomfort, and the recovery process went better then I ever expected. Based off of my experience with Mona Lisa Cosmetics, I highly recommend Dr. Kassir for any cosmetic needs!


Marjan Mohsenin

Dr. Kassir performed eyelid surgery on me, I could not be any happier with the results. Dr. Kassir is an amazing surgeon and a wonderful person. In addition his entire staff were extremely helpful and accommodating. Thank you Dr. Kassir and staff for my amazing results and experience. I absolutely love the way I look!


maryam parvizi

My experience with Dr. Kassir was amazing. He is so expert in face fillers. I'm so happy now and feel good. He was very professional and friendly, also never tried to up-sell me. He is strongly recommended!


Diana Maliqi

I recently had a nose job and sinus surgery with Dr. Kassir. I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with my nose. He did an amazing job. It is now two weeks since my surgery and I am very satisfied with the results- and am amazed with how fast recovery time is. I found Dr. Kassir through Google, and after extensive research I decided he was the best fit for me. My appearance improved overall but as did my breathing because he was able to fix my deviated septum and sinuses. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon and wish to have a natural look I highly recommend Dr. Kassir.


Lauren Anthony

I had a rhinoplasty and fat transfer to my under eye area by Dr. Kassir and I could not be happier with the entire process. The entire staff in his park ave office were so helpful and kind. They gave me everything I needed about 2 weeks before my procedure including a packet of what to expect, how to prep for surgery, and all my prescriptions so everything was taken care of in a timely manner. I was a bit nervous about the entire thing, but Dr. Kassir really put me at ease. The recovery was not too bad and I was back to week in a week. So happy I chose Dr. Kassir!


Hosna Mahjoory

Best decision ever!!! Dr. Kassir was recommended to me by a friend, but I wasn't sure because I knew he has a reputation for being a surgeon to VIP patients. From the minute I met him, I felt like I was one of his VIP patients! I told him I wasn't confident if a facelift would be right for me (I'm 70 and have never had work done). I didn't even need general anesthesia which I was so worried about. Dr. Kassir did my surgery (face and necklift, upper and lower eyelid surgery) under local anesthesia and I didn't have any pain! He spent so much time with me, explained the procedure and my recovery. I am so happy with my results! Virtually pain free, with no swelling or bruising at all!
My family and friends make compliments and tell me I look so much fresher and happier. And I really am! I should have done this years ago, and highly recommend Dr. Kassir.


Hayley Berman

Words cannot describe how pleased I am with my new nose. Dr. Kassir is a true artist and enhanced my natural beauty. Before my rhinoplasty, I had a larger nose with a bulbous tip and a bump. I hated posing for pictures because I was always insecure about the way I looked. Since my surgery, I am the first to whip out my camera and pose with family and friends. I can smile at any angle and feel confident about the way I look. I am forever grateful to Dr. Kassir!


Amada Nezha

I am two weeks post opt rhinoplasty and I could not be any happier. I went in for a consultation and after meeting with Dr. Kassir I knew he would be the perfect surgeon. He was honest and told me exactly what he could do with my nose. I showed him a picture of what I wanted and my nose came out even better as it matches my face perfectly. I had no pain and barely any bruising and my experience could not have gone any smoother. I am so happy with my decision in choosing Dr. Kassir and I recommend him to anyone looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon. He is amazing at what he does!!!


Bridget Krasnitsky

Undergoing a rhinoplasty was not an easy thing both emotionally and physically, but with a Staff like Dr Kassir's and the master himself, this was a breeze. I am ecstatic with my results, and would do it ten times over and only with him!!!!!


Cake Girl

Omg and I thought I was pretty before my nose job! Dr. Kassir did such an amazing job on my nose. I am in love. I am one of those people that is so hard to please, but I am really happy with his work. The first six weeks post op, I was afraid naturally, with all the swelling. Now it looks amazing!!


xtina marie

I've hated the size and shape of my nose since I was young. My fear was that I was going to look like a different person after surgery. I did my research and decided to consult with Dr. Kassir and within minutes, I knew that he was the right surgeon. I look like a better version of myself, and have gained new confidence. This was a life changing decision. If you are looking for the right surgeon with years of experience in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Kassir is your go to doctor!


Alexis loannou

I had septoplasty and rhinoplasty three weeks ago and I couldn't be happier with my results. I am finally able to breathe and my nose looks even better than I had imagined. Everyone in Dr. Kassir's office is really friendly and accommodating and made me feel comfortable and at ease on my day of surgery. Dr. Kassir is really a master at what he does and his vision is truly the best. I highly recommend Dr. Kassir.


Stephanie Garcia

Ever since my Rhinoplasty, it has given me so much confidence. I no longer have to position myself in a picture a certain way so my nose doesn't look weird or big. There are no visible scars and it looks far from a generic "nose job". I couldn't have asked for better results. Dr. Kassir went above and beyond and I would definitely recommend him and go back to him myself.


Chloe Zangeneh

I had the greatest experience with Dr. Kassir. I had wanted a rhinoplasty/septoplasty since I was a little girl. I had always been scared but I had never had surgery before or anything more than a physical. I had met with other surgeons but I had never trusted one like I did with Dr. Kassir. He fit my surgery in a timely manner that worked with both his schedule and mine (two weeks after the consultation), he answered all my questions and reassured me that everything would be okay. The day of the surgery, I showed up an hour early and was taken in exactly when my surgery was scheduled. Promptly at 11:30 I was escorted to the side room and comforted by his friendly staff while I filled out the paper work. Dr Kassir came in before the procedure, answered my last minute questions and high fived me before sending me in. It was amazing, the OR was spotless and even his anesthesiologist was kind. Out I went. I woke up with no pain. Went home, took medication as instructed and stopped taking the pain pills the next day. On that Sunday, he took out my packing and sent me on my way. After another week, his assistant removed my splint and stitches. Not only was it painless, my nose looked beautiful. Now, it has been a month post op and you can't even tell I had the procedure done. My only regret was not coming to him for my first consultation. Thank you for everything.


Nadia Abedrabbo

Dr. Kassir is an extraordinary surgeon! Words cannot describe how talented, kind-hearted, and amazing he is. He made me feel very comfortable and reassured me that I would get what I wanted. My rhinoplasty experience was an absolute breeze, with very little bruising and no pain! I had my deviated septum and droopy tip fixed and lifted. Dr. Kassir specializes in ethnic rhinoplasties, so I knew he would give me the perfect nose to match my face and Palestinian background. I had my nose done during winter break and nobody noticed when I started school again. I am in love with my new nose and the confidence it gave me! It has been almost a year since my surgery and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Kassir and his staff are incredible people who truly care about their patients. I’m truly blessed to have had Dr. Kassir work his magic on me… it was the best decision I’ve ever made!!


The Mind Mender

Dr. Kassir is a true artist, and takes time to, in my case, match your nose to your face. Mine came out better than I imagined it would and I now have the nose that is even better than I dreamed about. Took time to listen to what I wanted yet knew right away what would look best on my face. So worth it. The best at what he does, I am so glad I chose Dr. Kassir and would recommend him to anyone. Experience has been amazing, and the doctor himself is a pleasure to be around. Best decision of my life that is 20 years too late. Never imagined my nose could be so perfect. Don't compromise your face, this is the place to go. Would not trust any one else for my upkeep and have since established a routine of maintenance that includes everything from skincare to plumping my lips. Never been happier with my appearance.


Jon Glickman

It was important for me to decide the right surgeon to perform my nose job but more importantly having a nose that would properly fit the mold of my face. Dr. Kassir did an excellent job on my nose and I am very glad that I was able to have him perform my nose job procedure. I would recommend him to anyone needing a surgeon that they can trust to perform such a delicate procedure because he has an incredible amount of talent in his profession and it truly shows in his everyday work life. Thanks Dr. Kassir.


Anastasia Bidnyk

As being Russian,I mainly looked for a Russian plastic surgeon to fix my nose,but..........seeing Dr.Kassir's before and after pictures on-line, I totally changed my mind (glad I did it). I had rhinoplasty done by Dr.Ramtin Kassir a few months ago and absolutely LOVE it! I can't say enough good things about my experience with Dr.Kassir and his team. The staff at the Wayne Surgery Center was wonderful and friendly. The doctor is truly talented and I appreciate his time, thoughtful and confidant manner. I have and will recommend him to others. Finally,I am so happy that I had the surgery!!!


granata istrefi

To all patients that are having problems or looking forward to have some changes to their  nose. Let me explain my situation. My breathing has suffered for a while now due to my nose. I couldn't smell and i would sleep all night long with my mouth open!
 I decided to see Dr. Kassir and was very nervous to go though with it. I mustered up all my strength and agreed to clean my sinuses,  repair my deviated septum  and plus a little  rhinoplasty. The week before the surgery and fear was growing in me since i agreed to go through with it. I went to Dr. Kassir and was a nervous wreck, going crazy. I didnt want to do. I was scared!!
I thought it might look bad .. who knows what it would look like. I had a talk with Dr. Kassir and he assured me from the bottom of his heart that everything will be okay. I want to say to any of you out there who are interested or having second thoughts about Dr Kassir. DO NOT be scared or nervous. you are in the safe hands of Dr Kassir. I have absolutley no regrets. I can breathe now and my nose looks more beautiful then ever before. Thanks to all the team of Mona Lisa and specialty Dr Ramtin Kassir


mirela uzelac

I had non-surgical rhinoplasty by Dr. Kassir and absolutely loved my results. The procedure was virtually painless, and the results were immediate. Normally, I am terrified of needles, but he was able to put me at ease and I felt comfortable going forward with the procedure. He follows up with his patients periodically, to ensure that everything is the way it is supposed to be. He's the only doctor I trust with my face.


Rachel Caggiano

Dr. Kassir's office has the friendliest staff by far. They are all very welcoming and made me feel comfortable with every visit. I was terrified to have surgery but the day of the surgery all my fears went away when Dr. Kassir reassured me that everything would go smoothly. I'm more then happy with the choice I made and I know I chose the perfect doctor!


Giovanni Valdes-Fauli

Recently I began laser treatments as well as a recommended regimen of Dr. Kassir's skin care products. And it all is working amazingly, I am excited with the results. Thank you to the awesome staff and Dr. Kassir!


Cara Bernstein

My experience with Dr. Kassir was fabulous. I had rhinoplasty about a year ago, and I'm really happy with how the work turned out. Dr. Kassir is great at his job, he is friendly, knowledgable and has an amazing staff! I would highly recommend this doctor.


Tara Walsh

Dr. Kassir is truly skilled at what he does. He also happens to be a very genuine, nice person, whom has a real passion for plastic surgery as an art. His passion shows in his work, which is why so many of my friends use him as their go to surgeon. I recently had my lips injected by him, which turned out amazingly. I completely entrusted in his aesthetic judgement of how they should look, in which the results end up being extremely natural.


Ilona P

I met with Dr.Kassir for a rhinoplasty consultation today. I am so happy that I went! He is such a great person and surgeon. He was very helpful in showing me before and what would be "after" pictures of myself, previous patients comparisons, and showing me videos of cases similar to mine. He answered all my questions, and concerns, even recommended the non-surgical nose job which is less $ and an option people have if you want results right away.
I personally choose to save up the money and return when I am ready because I truly feel confident in his work as a surgeon. Also I loved that Dr.Kassir is very down to earth, welcoming and just the overall customer service was great from the moment I walked in. The experience was beyond my expectations and really made me feel confident in my decision to pursue this and get a nose job. I look forward to one day being under Dr.Kassir's care. I would highly recommend Dr.Kassir and hope whoever goes has the same experience and the excitement after the appointment as I did.


Samina Khan

Dr. Kassir is friendly and welcoming and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. I'm very happy with the end results, and would highly recommend him to friends and family!


Vivian Ayala

Dr. Kassir is an artist with his work. I had rhinoplasty work done by Dr. Kassir and I love the results. It is very natural looking and it is exactly what wanted my nose to look like. He is very professional and I felt comfortable with him from the moment I stepped into his office. I will absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking to get their nose done.


Alexandra Makowski

Dr. Kassir was amazing! not only did he do a phenomenal job on my nose he made me feel totally comfortable from the consultation appointment through the follow up appointments!


Salam S

I have had lip augmentation using Restylane Silk by Dr. Kassir -- and I admit, I love the results! First off, Dr. Kassir's approach is very natural and pain free! I didn't feel anything during the treatment and had no bruising! Most of my friends didn't notice I had my lips done and that's exactly what I wanted. I didn't want the "duck look" or something too noticeable. What matters is that I notice! Putting on bold lipsticks is so much easier and I feel more confident! He is definitely the top plastic surgeon in the NYC/NJ area! I can see why he's also the top injectable doctor too! His patients trust his artistic eye and cool demeanor during consultations and treatments. I understand why patients constantly come back for more because he's so natural and liberal in his approach .. something I admire. I feel comfortable getting lip augmentation performed by Dr. Kassir and I would definitely recommend him!


Antonella C

After fracturing my nose in a biking accident a few years ago I started considering rhinoplasty to fix the break and deviated septum, as well as tweak features I was growing increasingly unhappy with. I was led to Dr. Kassir and his team and after the initial consult I felt so confident I was in good hands that I scheduled my surgery the same day. However, I was still really nervous about the surgery along with the possibility of no longer looking anything like myself afterwards. I will admit, the two days post surgery were more uncomfortable than I thought they would be. I had severe bruising and swelling that required steroids to bring under control (Dr. Kassir said this was very uncommon) and good concealer to hide the remaining bruising when I returned to work (Vichy Dermablend). I am now one month post surgery and I have to say I couldn't be happier. I'm sure I'll be even happier as time goes on.


Julia Oliva

I have disliked my nose, especially my profile, for most of my life. Earlier this year I decided to finally make the change and have rhinoplasty. Although I was excited about having a nose I truly loved and that fit me my face, I was initially very intimated by the prospect of choosing the right surgeon. Living just outside of New York City there were many options available, and although I was grateful for this, I was also worried about making the wrong choice. I initially scheduled four consultations and met with Dr. Kassir second. After meeting with Dr. Kassir and reviewing the many before and afters on his website, I cancelled my other two remaining consultations and booked my surgery. Based on the pictures of his work and when speaking with him and his staff, I knew that Dr. Kassir would create the nose I was looking for - something that was perfect for my face, natural and not a cookie cutter nose job.

As the surgery approached on Nov. 21st, I became anxious and his staff was always available to answer my questions by phone or email. The day of the surgery was seamless and I went home feeling tired and a bit uncomfortable, but not in pain. Over the course of the first two weeks of recovery I had four post-op appointments with Dr. Kassir, which helped ease my concerns about a rash that had developed on the front of my nose from an allergic reaction to bacitracin (I wasn't aware I had this allergy prior). Although it was uncomfortable, Dr. Kassir helped ease my concerns and the rash cleared within a week. His level of post-op care goes above and beyond and made the overall recovery process much easier to handle. When many people write reviews about their experiences with plastic surgery often not enough attention is paid to the mental side of it. Changing your face for the better is exciting, but also a very overwhelming experience. Dr. Kassir’s talent as a surgeon and the level of post-op care he provides has made this transition much easier.

Now in my third week post-op, I am happy to say that I am thrilled with my nose and so happy I decided to make the change I always wanted. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Kassir and recommend that others strongly consider him when considering facial plastic surgery.


Elizabeth Gonzalez

Dr. Kassir is a wonderful doctor. I had him perform my rhinoplasty. He immediately made me feel comfortable when having my consultation with him which I believe is a very important factor when deciding who you want to be working on your face. I cannot be happier with my results! I completely trusted him and he came through for me with flying colors. My nose before the rhinoplasty was a bit masculine for my face, it was too long, too wide, and it had a dorsal bump on it, all in all it was just too big for my face. It was hands down my biggest insecurity. I believe this doctor changed my life! At first the thought of surgery intimidated me but with Dr. Kassir the operation went extremely smoothly ( about an hour procedure) and the healing process was very easy. If you are thinking about a rhinoplasty I urge that you go to Dr. Kassir, you will not be disappointed!


alana fevola

I chose Dr. Ramtin Kassir, MD for my Rhinioplasty and septal perforation surgery because in doing my research, I found that he really specialized in rhinoplasty surgery. The rhinoplasty was easy, but the septal perforation was going to be the hard part. The accuracy, craftmanship and precision involved in sealing upthe perforation was absolutely impeccable. Dr. Kassir not only re-shaped the outside of my nose to fit my face perfectly, but he was able to COMPLETELY repair the perforation (hole) in my septum. Before the surgery, I suffered from node bleeds, sinus problems, irritated and dry passages and worst of all - a noisy squeak with every nasal inhalation. After my surgery, ALL of those problems were alleviated, not to mention a GORGEOUS nose to complete the process! I would strongly recommend anyone considering these procedures to have Dr. Kassir complete the work!


Jaime G

I am currently one year post rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Kassir and I could not be happier with the outcome. Prior to having my rhinoplasty surgery I disliked most pictures that were taken of my profile and from straight on. I found myself deleting any pictures I could get my hands on. Since going forward with my rhinoplasty with Dr. Kassir I don't hesitate when the camera is pointed my way. Dr. Kassir is unlike any other facial plastic surgeon. He is a true artist when it comes to his attention to detail. It is important to feel both comfortable and confident with your decision in who you choose to go forward with performing the surgery. From the moment I met him I knew I was in incredible hands. Although I must say I was nervous to undergo surgery he put me at ease and I couldn't help but be excited for my new nose. What made Dr. Kassir stand out by far from any other surgeon wasn't just all of his credentials but his work itself. I have enjoyed following him on Instagram and seeing all of his patients before and after photos and personal stories along with the gallery on his website of patients with amazing transformations. He was open from day one to hearing what it was that I liked and did not like about my nose and felt we were on the same page when it came to the desired results. He checked off my priority list when it came to picking the perfect surgeon.
(1) His Credentials

(2) Amazing Before & After Photos

(3) Most importantly to me was seeing how much he genuinely cared about me as a patient.

You can tell Dr. Kassir enjoys seeing his patients and takes a lot of time to get to know each and every one of them.


Nikolija Uzelac

I came to Dr.Kassirs office for a Rhinoplasty consultation. From the moment I decided to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation to the day of my treatment my experience has been incredible! I came in for a consultation and decided to go forward with the non surgical rhinoplasty, it was the BEST decision that I made. In just five minutes Dr.Kassir transformed my nose ! I remember the first time I took a look at the after result I had tears in my eyes, I never thought that my nose could look like this WITHOUT SURGERY !! I cant wait to go forward with a surgical rhinoplasty I know Dr.Kassir is the right Doctor. Him and his staff are all amazing and he is truly and artist !


Angela Blankenship

My experience with Dr. Kassir far surpassed my expectations. From the moment I walked in the door his warm and friendly staff made a intimidating situation so comfortable. After 3 years of searching for the top rhinoplasty surgeon my search always circled back to Dr. Kassir. My first rhinoplasty experience was with another surgeon in Chicago and needless to say he was the reason I had to seek a revision. It's daunting enough to go thru surgery but to have to do it twice for the same reason was even more scary. From the moment I met Dr. Kassir I knew I was in the right place. He takes the time to sit face to face with you and not just talk about what it is your there for, but to explain exactly what should be done and why. This is a man that is truly passionate for what he does. Dr. Kassir performed a revision rhinoplasty on me and not only is it exactly what we talked about. My nose is exactly how I want it to look! I am beyond grateful and the confidence that has been restored is something that I can't thank him enough for. I truly feel I went to the best possible surgeon!


Suzanna Kanobel

Doctor Kassir has changed my life significantly. I am beyond ecstatic with my new nose. I have waited my entire life for my nose to be different, and my only regret with the entire procedure is that I did not do it sooner. I have followed Dr. Kassir's instagram account and have researched 'rhinoplastly' through google searches to find him and to become familiar with his work. The incredible staff was very hands on from start to finish with the whole surgery. Thank you Dr. Kassir + team!


Michele Toher

Dr. Kassir and his staff are professional, friendly, and comforting!! I would recommend to anyone and everyone!


Margaret Z

I have been getting Dysport injections around my eyes and forehead and Restylane filler in my lips for the past 3 years. I absolutely love Dr.Kassir's work. He is an amazing doctor and a true artist.My results are always very natural and I can't imagine trusting anyone else with my face. If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon look no further.Dr. Kassir is the best!


Nadia Gonzalez

So here's my story: I'm Pakistani, and was unhappy with the bump of top of my nose, and the tip which droops while smiling. Always took pictures with my right side of face (which looked a tad bit better). I also had a deviated septum. I did extensive research on finding the best doctor for this procedure. As this is the person who will alter/shape a part of your face - which can't be hidden. I came across Dr. Kassir, he's not only a plastic surgeon who does Rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures. He's an ENT, and triple board certified. So, after scheduling my consultation in the beginning of March. I was sold. I felt super comfortable with the staff and the Dr. Kassir. All of my questions were answered without being rushed. I ended up scheduling my surgery for March 17th. Dr. Kassir did a closed septorhinoplasty. I'm now 3 1/2 weeks post op and the bruising is gone, I can breathe better and most importantly,the hump is gone. I love my new nose, the side profiles are amazing !! - I'll definitely recommend Dr. Kassir to anyone contemplating a Septorhinoplasty.


Thomas la vecchia

Dr. Kassir is truly an artist as his talents are displayed in everything he does. Whether its one his sculptures or his rhinoplasty patients. If your thinking about getting plastic surgery, go no further than Dr. Kassir.


Ashkan Hamzelou

Having had 2 botched rhinoplasties in the past, I turned to Dr.Kassir as my last resort. I was tired of seeing a nose that made me cringe every morning. Dr.Kassir literally changed my life with one procedure. I am so incredibly amazed with how good my nose looks! He is the most skilled surgeon I have EVER seen. There is no better ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon than Dr. Kassir. When it comes to your face, your only option is to choose the very best. With Dr. Kassir, your results will never fall short of amazing.


Deborah Ocasio

Absolutely the BEST!


Jessica Mancuso

Loved my experience with Dr. Kassir and his staff!


cosmed laser

He is the best !!!!


Victor Wahba

Dr Kassir is the best facial plastic surgeon in the world!!!


Jill Purdy

Very impressive work Dr. Kassir!